About Starting A Blog

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while. I always have opinions and the desperate need to express them. My boyfriend seems to get weary from the constant barrage of inane thoughts and craving to discuss them. What better place to turn than the internet?

Sure, there will be you pesky trolls. Not to mention, all the people who will thrive on trying to break me down. I’m starting this blog on the slight chance that I can express my opinions, others can express their opinions, and before any one of us knows it, there will be a community. I may be dreaming big here, but my opinions will no longer scratch at my brain, trying to come out.

Before I go today, I want to make it very clear, anything expressed on this blog is an opinion. They will be opinions that won’t always be thoroughly researched or supported. Feel free to correct me, but hostility won’t be tolerated.

Farewell for now.

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