About August 2013

It is finally August! Here in Austin the heat is in full swing and won’t be dropping until mid-September, but even the heat can’t stop me. I just finished my first draft of a novel and I’m ready to start on the script that’s pawing at my brain to get out. Luckily that will allow me to spend a bit of time indoors.

Touting my own situation is not what I’m looking for here. With the new month now underway, I wanted to mention a few things that will be coming up. Here it goes.

I know that there are lot more movies that are opening up this month, but I am going to keep it to the films I’m excited to see. Those are the ones that stand a chance of getting a review here.

  • August 9th – Elysium (Neill Blomkamp 2013). A sci-fi about an earth that has become a giant slum, while the wealthy wealthy move to a space station. It is a Blomkamp film, so I can expect some great social commentary along with an enthralling story. Hopefully, it lives up to my expectations.
  • August 16th – Kick-Ass 2 (Jeff Wadlow 2013). A superhero movie with the normal kid Kick-Ass back in action. The only issue, is his actions have inspired new vigilantes, but Red Mist isn’t having it. It seems like a fun movie, I loved the first one. Jim Carrey has notably had a change of heart and doesn’t feel right promoting the movie in light of recent school tragedies. If that floats his boat fine, but I’m going to go to the movie and enjoy it.
  • August 16th – jOBS (Joshua Michael Stern 2013). A biopic about the late Steve Jobs. It should be interesting to see how they portray the enigmatic business man who championed Apple. Considering a recent disappointment in their revenue, I wonder if the biopic will end up the same way.
  • August 21st – The Mortal Instruments (Howard Zwart 2013). This can either be entertaining or very bad. I’m not a fan of the Twilight series, but this film gives off a similar vibe. The major difference is the trailers actually make the plot seem interesting. It comes down to if this film can stand on its own to feet rather than riding coattails. I’m not convinced.
  • August 23rd – The World’s End (Edgar Wright 2013). A sci-fi about a group of friends getting together after years to finish a pub crawl they never completed many years before. The only issue is the town seems to be at the center of an alien invasion. I’m very excited about this movie. It’s at the top of my list aside from Elysium. I am a huge fan of the two previous movies of the Cornetto trilogy (Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz).

There are plenty of other movies coming out through August. In fact, there seem to be a large flurry of releases on August 23rd. It should make for an interesting month of films.

The Blog
There has been a steady consistent stream of viewers coming to the blog. For that I thank you as it gives me reason and motivation to continue to post here. Let’s keep it up.

I’m going to ensure that content continues to flow through here. As you may have noticed, I have been posting more regularly. It is something I intend to keep up, but if I occasionally lapse I apologize. I’ve recruited a few people that have expressed interest in developing content. Within the month you will likely see things from them as well. I’ll be sure to introduce them when the time comes.

There may also be a possible podcast in the works. It is very speculative right now, but it is something that we’ve been working towards for a while. More on that later.

There is one definite that will be revealed later this month. With the fast approaching TV and video game season, I will be posting a spattering of shows that we are planning to review. If you have any suggestions on shows that you might like to see reviewed, leave a comment.

That’s it for now. I hope you all have a great August.

2 thoughts on “About August 2013

  1. Hrmpf, I’m jealous about the heat and sunshine you’re getting in Austin! Here in England it’s rainy and muggy. Blergh.

    Great list of movies, btw. I’m excited to see World’s End (although it kinda looks like it might be Shaun of the Dead with robots instead of zombies) and Kick Ass 2.

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