About Science Fiction

The other day I wrote a post about genre. It got me thinking about various different genres, which lead to this post. I love science fiction more than most people. The only thing I love more than science fiction is fantasy. Something about seeing a technology that doesn’t currently exist as part of our world. It excites me and just like fantasy, makes me want to escape to that world. I’m talking even the bad awful worlds where my existence would be pitiful. There is just something about living in a world that is interesting.

Now there are all sorts of science fiction. There’s the hard science stuff, there’s the space oriented stuff, and there is stuff where the science isn’t much explained, but we just accept it. Science Fiction frequently crosses into Fantasy as well. The two genres often pair together very well. Personally, I don’t care what kind of science fiction it is as long as the world consumes me.

I’ll admit I prefer seeing science fiction TV and movies than books of the same genre. Something about science fiction is very visual to me. I want to see this world. Hearing the sounds as well as seeing what an item may look like takes a science fiction experience to another level. Nothing gives me more of a thrill than seeing an awesome new contraption.

I’ve been noticing the popularity of science fiction rising over recent years. Maybe this is just because I am getting older and starting to notice things more, or I could be on to something. I’m not saying science fiction has never existed from now. There’s been science fiction for a very long time in all media. I am just noticing a bit of an upswing. More and more TV shows and movies are taking this science fiction angle. (Fantasy is also experiencing this rise in genre presence). Could the increase be related to how quickly technology is currently evolving?

It’s natural for people to be intrigued by science fiction. People like to speculate. We speculate about everything we possibly can, so why would we as a species not speculate about science. If technology continues at this rate, I don’t think that science fiction will be slowing down any time soon.

Do you like science fiction?

5 thoughts on “About Science Fiction

  1. Good read…. i think science fiction in the past was more for “nerds” until films and tv shows were created with a scifi book as its origin. Yes, this concept an technique has always been around but now that we have the technology to make the visuals more appealing, you will find more “star trek” fans (for example) than before. I enjoy all kinds of science fiction, but mainly those dealing with space. Actually watched the 1st “Stargate” last night.

    • I used to watch Stargate with my dad all the time as a kid. Recently, I have been rewatching Battlestar Galactica (the reimagined series) and it inspired today’s post.

      I completely agree that the technology available to support the current science fiction shows and tv is a driving factor to the genre’s increasing popularity. The love of science fiction though increasing, really is still for nerds. I still encounter more people who raise an eyebrow at staples of science fiction than those who openly embrace it. Social media just let’s us nerds be more vocal. I’m fine with science fiction being for nerds. I raise my nerd flag proudly.

      • 100% agree with the flag being raised. I will watch and brag about any science fiction movie/tv show until I get at least one person to take a look for themselves. I may have been one of the few people i personally know that enjoyed the confusing storyline of “Lost” which bordered both science-fiction, drama, some religious views and even fantasy BUT i miss that show.

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