About Escapism

I am an escapist. I am not going to try to pretend to deny this fact. Most people are not escapists. Sure, they enjoy a brief trip on the escapist trail, but I live there. Escaping from the real world doesn’t come from fear or inadequacy, but dissatisfaction. For me the world at present, does not engage me enough. I’m not intrigued.

What is Escapism
Some people who don’t enjoy the trip on the escapist train, may not know what I’m talking about. Here goes my best possible explanation. Escapism is a person’s journey within as they immerse themselves into the world that they are watching. It is the want to become a part of the world before them rather than to just dwell in our world. Something about the world before them is appealing and involvement with the world is easy and welcoming.

there are so many things that allow you to escape into a different world. For me, it is the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Just so you know, I am including comic books in this. Yes, I wish I were a superhero. At the very least, I wish there were real superheros in the world. I’m not talking the Kick-Ass variety, those already exist, I’m talking about speedsters and stronger than life men. I want this. Watching a world with excitement and intrigue makes me want to be there. So I pretend. I invest. And then at the end of the day, I feel a little better about the world around me.

I’ve only taken a few psychology classes, nor have I read extensively about psychology, so I am far from an expert on anything I am about to say. My observations of life and the people around me, have lead me to believe that those who lead lives and consider themselves at least content are less likely to be drawn by the lure of science fiction and fantasy escapism. They tend to be more accepting of the world at present. This doesn’t mean they don’t like the occasional trip, but they aren’t actively wishing that the world was different. A different world not based on the conceit that a different world will be a better place. I want a different world because I think it would be a more entertaining place where I stand the chance of encountering larger than life people.

Common Ground
Since, I know that scientists won’t find a way to access parallel universes any time soon. Or be able to find other planets with life and have the ability to jump to them. Heck, I would be happy if I could just be on a space ship with FTL capability. I know that aliens aren’t going to land on our planet. Get this clear, they are out there, but the chance that they would find us and care enough to pay us a visit seems unlikely to me. Then again, maybe aliens are as curious about us as we are of them.

Anyway, nothing spectacular is going to come to pass. So instead, I am content with escaping into my own little worlds of mysticism and speculation. What I do to alleviate the building wonder in my head? I create. All the time. I write novels. And there is a good chance none will ever see the light of day. But they’ve been created. My buildup of wanting to escape is put to the page. By creating, I am taking part of this world, while I still dream and hope for the escape I so desperately want.

Are you an escapist? What is your choice of escapism?

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