About Comic Books

(… and Graphic Novels)

I love comic books. I always have and I probably always will. They are short and too the point, yet fantastic enough to keep me thoroughly entertained. Sure, the wordings that appear inside may be cheesy at times. ‘Bam’ never ceases to make me laugh. But more times than not, the story is captivating and makes me want to go read the next issue. Which may be partly why I’ve adopted the go for a long time without any comics and then binge out. I like long reads when it comes to my comics. It is also the reason I am a huge fan of graphic novels.

Some of you may have figured this out already, hell, I may have said it already, but I am a Marvel girl. I used to consume Spiderman comics with a ferocity that could only match that of a 40 year old man who attended only the ‘indie’ comic cons every year. It was a sick obsession, but I eventually grew out of it and started to embrace more than just swinging Spidey. It’s also probably the reason that to this day I will not kill a spider. Thankfully, they don’t freak me out either.

Don’t get me wrong, I still read a bit of DC. It’s all Batman though. I couldn’t resist the man with all the gadgets. Superman pisses me off to this day. I cheer on Batman carrying Kryptonite on his utility belt. Uck, Superman, I won’t say any more. There are certainly other characters in the DC universe I am fond of, but the consumption of comics wasn’t there. I left my admiration of other DC characters for the animated shows.

Comic Book Publishers
Marvel and DC aren’t the only two in the comic book game. There are a lot of publishers like Dark Horse and Image that are publishing some pretty high profile series. I love that these other publishers have such a presence because I’m able to sink my teeth into other interesting stories, not all of them superheros. Some are gritty, some are supernatural, and some suck. But I’m willing to wade my way through the bad to get to the good. What is great about a lot of these other publishers is they get contracts that allow for some of my favorite shows and movies to get additional story. Buffy for example has comic continuation, as do many other genre shows. It is a great medium for shows to continue on and please the true fans.

Graphic Novels
There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting back with a good graphic novel. Something about the long form and being presented with a full story is appealing to me. The attention to detail and quality a graphic novel conveys makes the storytelling process so much more visceral. Instead of relying on a set of words that can be misintepreted, I get to see depictions of what is going on. There is something satisfying at looking at a grand two page display of the aftermath of a major event and soaking in all the little details that may be overlooked in text. In that way, A graphic novel is far more capable of evoking a strong emotion from me as I read.

Over the span of about two years, I collected over 50 volumes of manga. Almost all of my allowance and saved up lunch money went toward purchasing a new volume. Keep in mind, when I was buying them my freshman and sophomore year of high school, each one cost 10 bucks a pop. That’s at least 500 dollars spent on manga. And I didn’t care. Still don’t. The stories were interesting, many fantastic and those that weren’t were a nice look at an alternative culture to my own. Each one would grip me and I would read through it all in one night. And don’t think I just gave up manga because I grew out of it. Nope, but now I consume it on my iPad or phone (though I still prefer the books in hand).

Do you like comics and graphic novels?

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