About You

If you haven’t picked up on my tastes a little bit, it should be clear after yesterday’s post. I like things that as individual pieces have come to form an acceptance in popular culture. I almost hate to admit that there are so many people who like the same things I do. True, they may not be nearly as passionate or attentive as I and my fellow nerd comrades, but they are out there. I should be thanking them actually, because they allow for things I do like to continue on.

Since an audience is a huge part of the shows, movies, and other media that I love, I turn to you all. With September fast approaching, a new Television series is going to emerge. I’ve listed a few of the shows I am interested in. Those are all shows that I will likely review once their seasons start. But those are all new shows and I wanted to know if there are any shows that will be returning that you may like to see reviewed here.

It’s a short post today, I just wanted your input about what you would appreciate seeing here. Check back here in the next couple of days for my impressions of the Oddball Comedy Tour and a review of The World’s End.

What TV shows would you like to see reviews of here (returning or new)? What shows are you looking forward to this fall?

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