About The World’s End (Review)

I’m sad to say that the Cornetto Trilogy has come to an end. I will mourn its end, but cherish it. I’m glad to say the trilogy went out with a bang. The World’s End is the final installment, for Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost. Directed by Edgar Wright and written along with Simon Pegg. It is a great romp of a science fiction and buddy film.

I can’t wait to throw out all my spoilers. BEWARE.

The Cast
Pairing Simon Pegg with Nick Frost always results in my satisfaction. At this was no different. even while Simon Pegg’s Gary King was a dick to everyone around him their dynamic was entertaining. The whole cast in fact just felt right. They meshed together and were able to play off each other with ease. There came a point where I really believed they’d been friends for 23 years. It felt natural and I loved it. The enthusiasm of the oppressed father’s boy, Peter, never failed to elicit a laugh. I should have known that Oliver would be the first to turn, the way he was always on his damned Bluetooth. WTF.

A Buddy Film
Like the rest of the Cornetto trilogy, The World’s End is a buddy film at its core. After Gary lures Andy to come along with the gang, under the pretense that Gary’s mother died, it becomes very clear that getting to The World’s End is extremely important to him. Gary is willing to deceive all of his friends to get what he wants. It is typical behavior for an addict. Only their wants and desires matter to them. While other things may be important to them, at the end of the day, they will satisfy their desires first. But there is something incredibly sad and genuine about Gary. I liked him and his desire to be back with his friends, especially Andy. the dynamic between Andy and Gary was spot on. Andy may have been mad, but he wanted to with Gary again. He wanted them to be friends. After a few drinks he’s finally able to remove the from up his ass and start to work things out with his best friend.

Science Fiction Aspect
This film was solidly a buddy film, but the science fiction aspect was clear. The movie is about robot alien invaders that replace people. I have to admit it was pretty awesome seeing some of the epic fight sequences in the movie. With blue blood spilling everywhere and body parts reattaching to place that shouldn’t be. Don’t be fooled, the robot invaders are only a secondary aspect of the film, it is the characters stumbling block. Their goal is to finish the golden mile. And they probably would have managed it if they weren’t pursued. I love how they managed to merge robots with aliens. At times it was a bit cheesy, but the threat was very clear and present. When a whole town is watching you and everyone you once knew was replaced. Except for the lovely Basil, and a few others.

Well Planned
I’m not going to say much here, other than this story was incredibly well planned. I love the little connections and references thrown throughout the movie. Sure, most good movies will do this (even some bad ones). But this felt particularly satisfying.Like I said before, I was very pleased with the movie. I had some really good laugh and felt engaged with the characters. Gary despite his dickish nature is a good guy and I liked him, unlike some other reviewers. Nick Frost was a badass with all of his robot killing. Now, I’m not going to pretend that The World’s End was my favorite movie of the summer. I still think that This is the End is the superior comedy. The World’s End is safely in the second place.

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