About Fantasy

I’m honestly shocked that I haven’t discussed Fantasy on here yet. I talked about Science Fiction, but not Fantasy. What is my world coming to? Mini tirade aside, I have a deep love for almost all things Fantasy. Yes, I said almost, but I have a reason I will go into in a little bit. Fantasy has been a huge part of my life since I was little. Anything bizarre and out of this world had my full attention and I’m not ashamed to say it still does.

What is Fantasy
I’m not going to go into some text book definition or even head to the gulches of the internet to see what others define it as. Fantasy to me is anything and everything that is fantastic. I’ll also add the condition that whatever is fantastic can not have anything scientific that could be twisted to make people believe it could one day be possible. No, Fantasy is about the impossible. Fantasy is something that shouldn’t exist, but it does. Fantasy is grand tales, that depict a life far from here that we could only imagine. Fantasy is taking the mundane and making it glorious. Fantasy can be a lot more than what I’ve described, but you get the idea. It embraces a departure from life as we currently know it.

And Here’s Why I Love It
The world we live in is dull. I know this is my opinion, but I suspect many people feel this way as well. Sure, the Earth has many secrets that seem straight out of Fantasy waiting to be discovered, but when it is found, people are befuddled. Fantasy allows you to dream and tap into the natural curiosity we humans have. We want to be enthralled, and deceived (our eyes do it to us every day). With a tale of Fantasy, we get to step into a different world. Sometimes that world is like our own with some slight differences, other times it is a completely new place. I love that journey. Speculating what could be gets me excited. Then I remember it’s unlikely that I could ever experience it and I get a little sad. That’s a different story though.

Place in Cultural
For as long as people could retell and create stories of our world, people have created stories of pure fantasy. There is something about human nature that makes people want to hear about the things that don’t exist for them to see. We have stories like the Odyssey and Gilgamesh and I’m sure there are far older stories that have been lost. With the age of TV and movies we are treated to a visual representation of the fantasy we could previously only imagine in our heads. Not only that, but we’ve begun to create replications of these fantastic locals. Just take a walk through Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, or a place of the like. I got to go to Hogwarts, a place I could only dream of. As a society, we’ve come to accept the desire we possess to witness the fantasy we could only dream. TV is only fostering my obsession with fantasy with the production of more good shows. My current obsession: Lost Girl.

Hogwarts Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

I told you I went

My Exception
I love all sorts of Fantasy. That was the only thing I read growing up. What can be better than a talking cat, or a kid who can become invisible. Anything that could bend reality was fair game. Then I came across paranormal romance. I didn’t know that’s what it was called at the time, I just thought it was another fantasy. I wasn’t wrong, but I’d stumbled into perhaps the only subgenre that irritated me. I hate even admitting this because I respect all those writers who participate in this genre. More often than not, it was never an issue with the writing and many times not an issue with the story. My issue was the romance. See, when it comes to fantasy, I don’t mind a bit of romance, but I really want the fantasy. Now if some weird freaky shit happened to the romance I’d be totally down. You know like if the human and creature that fell in love and then a mystical timer started counting down every time they touched. I’d want to know more. What is your favorite fantastical creature or situation? I’ll start with mine; it’s a cold hearted vampire.

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