About Wondering Where the Time Goes

I know it happens to every last one of you. The day starts and you have high expectations of what you will accomplish that day. Even if all you mean to do is lay around the house and do nothing for a change. Yet as the day progresses, all of your plans of what to do slowly get thrown out of the window. There just isn’t enough time to do everything you want. And that’s when you start to wonder where the time went. The only problem is as you’re wondering where the time went, even more time slips away.

It is a global epidemic. The time just vanishes and leaves you high and dry. I can’t wait until they invent time traveling. Then when 10PM rolls around each night, I can jump in my time machine and go back to 10AM and make sure I actually work on my novel like I promised myself to. The things I could accomplish if the days were just a few hours longer each day. I wouldn’t feel so bad about watching 3 hours of Lost Girl or whatever TV show I am binge watching at that time. Heck, I’d finally have the time late at night to go to the gym like I used to.

Since I don’t know where the time goes and I don’t have a time machine, I plan. It is rather obnoxious. Sure there are days I completely wing it, but most days are plotted out rather precisely. My theory is if everything is planned properly (with the correctly allotted time) I will maximize my free time. Most of the time it works perfectly. But there are still those days when nothing I planned to do is done. And on those days I shrug. I can always go to that indoor skydiving place another day.

Do you ever wonder where the time goes?

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