Male vs Female via Film

I was thinking about how we praise the badass female character that rides into a story and upends the common perception of a female needing to be saved. While I love the concept of the badass female (because I am part of current society), her presence indicates the flaws in our common thinking. Instead of take characters for their individual traits first, we recognize the physical first. We recognize the badass female as a female first and being badass is simply a modifier of her basic condition.

General Thinking
It is no unknown detail that our society polarizes the two genders. Females are the caregivers, the nurturers, the soft. Males are the breadwinners, the intellect, the ironfist. It is ridiculous and many a feminist have attacked these supposed gender roles to identify the truth. Both men and women are equally capable of the traits associated with either gender. This is because a character trait is not defined by gender. Our struggle comes from humans nature to categorize and differentiate. We do it daily even when we don’t realize it. The most mundane task is categorized, compartmentalized. It makes it easier for us to process. Easy for us to mentally recognize differences at a quicker pace. However, when it comes to the male female dichotomy the differentiation is not as finite as we have been taught.

In Film
The idea that men and women are so different lead to the issue we see in films. Society has fostered a separation between the two genders and this is then portrayed on the screen. I am talking about females who care only about the men in their lives. We get enitre movie plots that drive female characters into positions that can only be fixed with the help of a male. Even in films, where a female isn’t obsessing over a male, the females often have to overcome a male obstacle or accept a male’s assistance. Now don’t get me wrong, no person, male or female, can live life fully without the other gender. However, films will make you believe that females’ lives rotate around some male figure in some way. However, films with males can be entirely male centric with no need for a female. There is an apparent lack of balance of what each gender is capable of and the roles they play in each other’s lives. To believe that a male can go through life without a female, but a female can’t be happy without a male somewhere in her life is foolish.

The Marketing
The perpetration of females needing males is furthered with the marketing of films. It is then supported by the critical reception female centric films receive. Yes, I know that marketing works because people buy their products. And I know people buy the products because they have interest in what is being marketed to them. However, who determined what females should have an interest in all those years ago? Who said, females shall like romance and males shall like action? By splitting things like this, we’ve engrained society with preconceived notions of what to like and dislike and to mindwash a society of those notions so they can choose on their own is impossible. Yes, people like what they like and will go to it. But I am still marketed things I have no interest in because of my gender. I wonder how the divides in taste would differ if there were never any preconceived notions of what each gender should like, and how they would behave.

Everything I just said was just to make the point that female should be the modifier rather than badass. I am a female badass, not a badass female.

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