Sleepy Hollow – Pilot

Here comes the very first review. As with all the shows you’ll see reviewed here, it is a genre show.

Sleepy Hollow started right in the thick of things with a battle against the redcoats. We are quickly introduced to a soldier, Ichabod Crane, fighting against the redcoats. As he moves through opponents, a large redcoat begins to approach him. Mustering all of his strength after receiving a gash across his chest, he decapitates the large redcoat. But the redcoat doesn’t stay down.

Fast forward 250 odd years and we discover crane emerging from his own hidden grave, only he doesn’t know about the time change. Meanwhile, we have Abbie, a police lieutenant in Sleepy Hollow eager to leave town to work on Guantico. She doesn’t hide that she may be running from a past decision, even if she denies it.

Sleepy Hollow could have easily devolved into something campy or overly doom and gloom, but it didn’t. There is this odd balance of the fantastical with reality that is intriguing. The show ultimately feels like the dark fantasy it should be yet, there is a lightness to the relationship between Abbie a black female protagonist and her counterpart of Ichabod. They have this natural chemistry that translates well on screen. They make me want to see how their relationship will evolve as they go on their journey. It’ll be interesting to see what she calls Ichabod as they grow closer. I think a fun nickname is in order.

The nature of the show relies on something rather prophetic. Which could possibly lead to the show becoming stale and predictable. However, the village of Sleepy Hollow appears to have many secrets up its sleeves and an array of characters, both normal and supernatural. If Sleepy Hollow can live up to the standard of this pilot, I’ll be satisfied. The show definitely has promise.

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