About Consuming Media Before Release

Technology has advanced to a point where people can have devices at the tips of their fingers all the times. We are so consumed by technology that science fiction writers haven’t even predicted it. Though, we still don’t have a mass produced jetpack for everyone to zoom around with. They do exist though. All the devices we have connect us to the internet. We are linked. Our lives our recorded. But the urge for secrecy still remains. That is why as a society we can still feel surprise when secrecy is implemented well. Yet, there are times where we don’t want secrecy.

Consuming Media
We’ve reached an age where almost anything we want to consume from the media can be accessed practically anywhere. We can watch Netflix or Hulu on the go. We know what is going on with people by keeping in contact via facebook. For quick bits of information, we have twitter. The point is now, more than ever the public has access to resources we didn’t once have. Previously, if you wanted to know something about an upcoming movie or TV show, you’d have to search through magazines for articles or look out for a TV spot. Now, the media producers can tease and tell you things easily. Instead of being filtered by a third party, the media creators can tell you directly. Not only does that make the consumer more knowledgeable about what is to come, it allows the media creators to gauge their reception.

By having access to the media at your fingertips, you can see all the latest news on any subject you are interested in. This means for diehard fans of something, they can discover information to satiate their desire for information. In many ways, having the early content available, can heighten excitement. I know many people who grew more and more excited about the upcoming Days of Future Past directed by Bryan Singer. He, very much like Vin Diesel, reached out to his fans and provided bits of information. He posted an array of photos from set on twitter and always commented on new cast development. Thanks to him, we know more and more about the film, yet it never crosses the line into “he’s just ruined the movie for me.”

There are times when having too much knowledge can spoil things. These spoilers can come from anywhere. On set photos of a pivotal unmentioned character. Interviews on TV. Clips from part of the movie or show. Any number of things can end up spoiling something for us as consumers. Knowing a twist to an anticipated film is always a bummer. But there are so many ways that this easy access to content can be a negative especially if we want to be able to judge a film based on what it is as a whole. Its so easy to access information that people need to actively avoid the information.

Middle Ground
It can’t be denied that we can discover a sort of middle ground that comes from easy access to information. Though, even with the middle ground it can sway both ways. By having access to some early information, the creators can gauge the reception something may receive early on. Bad early reception can damn something to fail with ease. Good early reception can cause an unexpected boom. While controversial information and reception can go either way, but is more likely to increase viewing.

Personally, I like to know as much information about something before it comes back. I love leaks as they excitement. They help me judge whether I’m going to spend my money to consume it. I’m not a fan of going in blind, but occasionally it is enjoyable.

Do you prefer consuming media or avoiding it before a release?

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