About Binge Watching

With the rise of the internet, the way many people now view TV is changing drastically. The internet allows easy access to content in ways that weren’t possible before. Shows upon shows are now available for viewers to access. The availability of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant grant people the ability to find the shows they want to watch and have it all on their finger tips. Cable providers have on dean remus that provide access to some content. However, when comparing the price of the individual services to cable, it makes sense that 250 million people have cancelled their cable subscriptions.

Advantages of Streaming
Streaming services allow people to watch the shows they want then they want. Even better than a DVR, all the content you want to access is stored elsewhere. You can choose to watch what you want to watch when you want to watch. Not only that, ut you are able to curate your own viewing experience. Rather than being locked in to watching what a network wants you to watch at a specific time you can bypass the commercials (mostly) and simply watching. Many of the services also have algorithms that attempt to identify what you would be interested in. Instead of a network pawning off something they want to promote whether it would interest you or not, you get something actually trying to show you what you would like.

Binge Watching
The rise of streaming services have brought about a different phenomenon. For years, TV stations would decide to run marathon of popular TV shows. In fact, Syfy airs The Twilight Zone every New Year, which my mom watches like clockwork. Similar to the concept of a marathon, you can binge watch on streaming services. Find a show that has piqued your interest and then watch episode after episode until your eyes bleed or you have to go somewhere. Currently I am watching, Haven almost constantly and just before downed all of Lost Girl over 2 weeks. The ability to stop and pick up exactly where you left off on an array of devices is hugely appealing.

These streaming services have picked up on their users viewing habits. Netflix has recently adopted this style of airing some of their new show. They have decided that making all episodes available at once is a working strategy. This started with House of Cards and continued with Hemlock Grove. Arrested Development premiered all episodes at once for people to watch. I know I finished withing 36 hours and I know a number of people who did it even faster. There is something enjoyable about making an entire afternoon free and simply watching your favorite show. Netflix continued with this path with Orange is the New Black.

Cable Falling Behind
Unfortunately, cable television doesn’t want to embrace the changes that have emerged from our current culture. Now, TV can’t just change everything about it’s current structure. Week by week airings aren’t going to go the way of the wind. But it would be great if they made content more readily available to people. Clearly, with the number of people cutting the cord in favor of streaming services is increasing. If this continues, the cable providers will eventually have to make some sort of change. that change will inevitably force the hands of the networks. Networks currently hold the cards, but if our culture continues to shift, their models will eventually change.

Having your watching habits started to shift?

3 thoughts on “About Binge Watching

  1. I love binge watching things!

    I graduated college in ’04, before ye olde streaming video took off. I didn’t get TV then, but I did get Internet (the two together cost exponentially more than combining the services, which I did not understand and refused to pay for). When Netflix and Blockbuster Online happened, it was a Big Deal™, and we had Blockbuster first, which allowed you to, say, get discs 1 and 2 of Rome (as an example), watch them, trade them in at the store for two more videos while they mailed them back, so discs 3 and 4, and then you’d get 5 and 6 in the mail. Etc.

    Now that there’s streaming? We only have physical discs when we buy them or check them out of the library. I love waiting for a season of something to be done so I can watch the whole thing without the actual cliffhangers of cliffhangers.

    • Binge watching is fantastic. My boyfriend constantly wonders how I get through shows so quickly. My secret is even if I don’t have time to finish an episode before I have to go somewhere, I will watch on.

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