Sleepy Hollow – Blood Moon

The second episode of Sleepy Hollow, “Blood Moon” definitely was not as strong as the pilot. But that doesn’t mean that the show has taken a drastic turn for the worst. I’ll start with the big glaring issue that presented itself. The pace of this darn episode just didn’t make sense. The episode opened well, if not a bit odd, and then slowed. We got some expository moments that were necessary to round out the characters some more and explain things. However, all exposition can become wearisome. Half way through, the episode picked up steam and balanced the story out. However, the issue with story telling is you need to grab your audience at the eginning and keep it. There was too much of a gap between gripping moments.

A couple other pet peeves I have about the episode. The most obvious flaw is John Cho’s Andy Dunn. Not only did Dunn come back to life, I accept that, but no one in the morgue realized that Dunn’s body disappeared. If someone did notice, it certainly wasn’t addressed this episode. Considering Dunn’s character played a major role as a pawn and a cataylst in this episode, it was odd that no one brought up his disappearance.

One final issue, I promise. I really want Tom Mison’s Ichabod to get some new clothes. He is in the 21st century now, yet he is still marching about in his 18th century garb. I know it isn’t a big deal, but neither is getting him some clothes. Not to mention, some new clothes would help Ichabod not stick out like a sore thumb.

Now, on to the good things. The pace. Yes, yes I know I just complained about it, but it was also good. Once we finally dove into the idea that the woman burning people was from a not so friendly coven, things got more interesting. No longer were we just seeing the creepy, slightly unsettling effects of this fire loving witch. Together, Ichabod and Abbie stumbled upon a way to stop the witch. Or at least a plan to keep it contained. If Sleepy Hollow can maintain a full hour of the pace displayed in the last half of the episode the series has a good chance of standing solid.

Watching Ichabod interact with all the modern technology that we take for granted was really entertaining. Though, it would be nice to spread over time. If he figures out everything too quickly the novelty of his condition will be underutilized. However, drag it out too long and it will be an old gag. Ichabod’s character is certainly interesting, but eidetic memory is unnecessary. Allow Ichabod to be the quirky 18th century man that he is and the show will improve. As of right now, Ichabod has no flaws. Show them to me.

One final thing that was reassuring about the episode was that people aren’t just happily accepting what is going on in Sleepy Hollow. The show is filled with the fantastic, but it is set in the real world. In the real world, people question the odd and search for a rational explanation. The Captain’ constant denial and the two officers from last week’s episode recanting their statements is proof that this show is trying to keep us grounded in a world we recognize.

What did you think of the episode?

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