Sleepy Hollow – For the Triumph of Evil

Can you say a show had a return to form if it has only had three episodes? I’m going to pretend that you can. “For the Triumph of Evil” got the show moving while adding in moments of levity and bonding. All the while, it was clear the stakes of the episode.

To start, this was an episode for Abbie. And boy did she have an absolutely awful day. The episode began with another mysterious dream. While it turned out to be a visit from the sandman, A dream in which she sees people with white eyes. I am starting to get the feeling that we will see more of these cryptic openings that foreshadow a bit of what is to come. Awoken from an awful dream she is summoned to a suicide watch. Not only does this woman she’s never met call for her and proceed to jump to her death, but then the woman’s eyes explode into sand. Unfortunately for her, that isn’t the only death she sees that day. Another man kills himself in front of her later in the day.

One of the better aspects of the episode was the episode’s inclusion of Jenny. Some shows would tease Jenny and try to draw it out in an attempt to keep her a mystery. Thankfully, Sleepy Hollow didn’t delay in giving some quality screen time to Jenny. Sure, we have yet to see the sisters interact, but she did get some time with Ichabod. She made a joke about his name that had been swirling around my head since they first met. Icky. Heh. Jenny brings something to the table that enriches the show. She’s the sister that accepted what happened to her that day. She has had years to come to terms with what happened to her and it made her stronger, even if she feels it is a battle she can’t win. She’s willing to fight. Even more interesting is the dynamic presented between the two sisters. Abbie is the girl who turned her life around and pushed away what she knew was true. it will be interesting to see how Abbie and Jenny actually interact with each other.

I spoke about return to form earlier and it was due to pace. Unlike “Blood Moon”, this episode didn’t spend half of the episode dwelling and re-calibrating after the premiere. We moved from event to event and every scene brought us some clarity of character or plot. Yes, even Ichabod getting startled when he starts fast forwarding the video and Captain Irving informing his new underlings that he knows more about them than they realize.

A couple things that bugged me were Ichabod still wearing his old clothes. Also Irving’s sudden acceptance Abbie bringing Ichabod along to crime scenes and essentially acting as her partner. Just an episode ago, he was under lock and key in the motel, but now he is relatively accepted tot he force. it is a very sudden shift that I would have liked to see the tension between Ichabod and Irving play out for a bit longer.

Then again Ichabod’s preference to a mysterious compound drink over and energy drink will bring a smile to my face any day. The show continues to show promise and for that, I am a happy cat.

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