About October 2013

Being I am the forgetful, perpetually stressed out person that I am, I forgot to post my roundup of September. So I faced a dilemma, continue with my Nielsen post, post the September roundup or post the October preview. As you can see I went with the final option. Expect the roundup tomorrow and the final installment about Nielsen ratings on Thursday.

I just couldn’t pass up a preview of October. It is a great month and i love the heavy influence of horror at any level. As a kid I used to love 13 Days of Halloween on ABC family. But It also marks the return of two of my favorite shows. All in all, it is a fun month

My abnormally hectic life in September made getting out to movies practically impossible last month. That’s why none of my previewed movies were reviewed. I lamented every week, but it just wasn’t feasible. That should be a different story this month. Here are the movies that have my attention.

Oct 4- Gravity – Directed by Alfonso Cuaron. I keep hearing about it and you keep hearing about it too. At least I’m assuming. Despite all this hearing, I don’t really know what happens in the movie other than a disaster in space. I doubt there is some extraterrestrial encounter, but likely an explosion. It is getting a lot of early buzz from the Oscars and I admit my heart raced during one of the trailers. However, I am currently failing to see the real appeal or draw.

Oct 11 -Captain Phillips – Directed By Paul Greengrass. Another possible Oscar nominee. The buzz around this movie seems to be in title alone. Despite the buzz, it hasn’t had a major marketing push. However, the exploration of the Hijacking of Maersk Alabama seems interesting and appealing.

Oct 11- Machete Kills – Directed by Robert Rodriguez. I don’t care if it is all dumb fun and is an awful movie. Dumb fun is the key thought. Hopefully, it can be just as outlandish as the first one, without taking itself to seriously. With Charlie Sheen as president, how could I pass?

Oct 16th – Kill Your Darlings – Directed by John Krokidas.  I am so intrigued by this film about the beat generation. With Daniel Radcliffe playing Allen Ginsberg there is an air of intrigue around this film. It explores the murder of Lucien Carr.

Oct 18 – Carrie- Directed by Kimberly Pierce. Another remake of Carrie. This time starring the always wonderful Chloe Moretz as the titular character.

There are a bunch of premieres coming this month. Many more science fiction and fantasy shows to get excited about are on the list.

Oct 3- The Vampire Diaries – It’s back and I couldn’t be more excited to see what happens to this group of Supernatural Beings. The series is strong, but knows it’s place and doesn’t try to be too serious which is a major benefit to them.

Oct 3- The Originals – Spin off of the Vampire Diaries. While they may be airing on the same night, they will soon be separated. I’ll admit I never saw the backdoor pilot, but I know the characters and they seem thoroughly interesting.

Oct 8- Supernatural – Yes it is my favorite show ever. Yes, I have seen every episode the night it aired. Yes, I have a love for Sam and Dean that is unrivaled by any other. Except possibly my love for Cas. The boys are back for their 9th season. I am excited to see Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse) joining the mix as Ezekiel. I’m also hoping we get to see a bit more of Felicia Day’s Charlie.

Oct 9 – Arrow – Oliver Queen will have many more flashbacks as they deal with a Starling City post the terrible explosion that happened last season. Not only that, but Oliver will be dealing with the loss of his best friend and more struggling with his mother’s role in the devastation. I know some people aren’t fond of Felicity, but I like her and find her development more interesting than Laurel. Not that Laurel doesn’t have an interesting story, I just don’t feel anything based on the way she is portrayed.

Oct 9 – The Tomorrow People – I’ve talked about my interest in this show in the past and it hasn’t faded. However, that doesn’t mean it will do as well as I hope. With a premise so similar to that of X-Men and many urban fantasies, this could go down hill if it isn’t executed well. Hopefully this remake soars rather than sinks.

Oct 9 – American Horror Story: Coven – I don’t think I really need to say much more. I’m ready to see what twisted story the creators have in store for me this season. With Angela Basset joining the cast, my interest has piqued even further. This year, we’re in store for a contemporary witch story combined with star crossed lovers from different covens.

Oct 10 – Once: Wonderland – I can’t stomach saying the whole name in full. The show will be a mosh of Alice in Wonderland and Aladdin.  The graphics look a bit over the top for me, but hopefully they aren’t too distracting. I want this to be a one and done. Drawing this out will not be good for the franchise as it will cause an eventual overload.

Oct 13- The Walking Dead – Speaking of overload, I’m afraid we may get that way with the walking dead if they don’t stop milking the cash cow. AMC recently announced a companion show, which will focus on entirely new characters. Regardless, I am excited about the new season even if we are on the third show runner in four years. With the Governor on the rebound and the Woodbury residents moved in, there is certain to be conflict between the two groups within the prison walls. We are also going to get our first look at Rosita this season.

Oct 25- Grimm – This show has surprised me on how interesting and compelling it can be. Sure it follows a very episodic structure, but the journey of Nick’s calling as a Grimm is serial in nature. I’m more intrigued by what wrench will be thrown into the gears of his life than the subversion of fairytales. Although, Grimm does a very good job of subverting those happy tales and I’m excited to see what twists they are going to show this year.

Oct 25- Dracula – I don’t know much of this show other than that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is playing the titular character of Dracula. Honestly, anything with Dracula and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has my attention.

Is there anything you are excited about in the month of October?

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