About September 2013 Roundup

I promise I will never make the awful mistake of forgetting my days again. At least I won’t forget them in terms of the blog. today I’m posting the Roundup of posts from September. Here’s the big picture of what went down in September.

I planned out one series for the month of September. By the end of the month, one had been completed and another had begun. I think I’ll make series a regular thing.

Regarding Fantasy series focused on various topics that arise within the Fantasy genre. It is not a be all end all exploration or topics and I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw another installment later on.
Regarding Fantasy #1: Fantasy is all about the What If.
Regarding Fantasy #2: Black Female Protagonists in Fantasy. Where are they?
Regarding Fantasy #3: About why Fantasy is primed for escapism.
Regarding Fantasy #4: Fantasy is the cross genre genre.
Regarding Fantasy #5: Worldbuilding in Fantasy can transcend just a story.

There was also the introduction of the Nielsen Ratings system. Originally started as one post, it expanded to cover much more.
Nielsen Ratings: Why the system exists.
Nielsen Ratings: The pitfalls of an outmoded system.


3D discusses why the use of 3D is currently so prevalent even if many Americans have grown weary of the medium and its bloated prices.

Superheros Replacing Westerns is about just what it sounds like. The predominant genre has changed over the past 50 years to feature a new kind of story and that story has special abilities.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Movie! discusses the recent news of J.K. Rowling penning the script of the new film in development that will further expand the wizarding world.

Male vs Female via film discusses my desire to have more female characters that are strong characters not because they are female, but because they are good characters.

Sticking to the Source Material discusses why it isn’t always bad when television and film veer away from the original source material and why it is taken so seriously.

Speculative Genre on TV discusses a sudden boom of the genre on the small screen in comparison to a few years ago. Is it good or is it bad?

Where the Quality Content is debates whether film or television is getting more quality projects and why there is a shift to taking television as a serious medium,

Consuming Media before Release discusses the dangers of spoilers before something is even released thanks to social media and easy access to information.

Binge Watching is an exploration of a new way of watching television now that we live in an age of online streaming and the way it changes the watching experience.

TV Reviews

Agents of SHIELD is Marvel’s new show that airs Tuesdays on ABC at 8/7c.

Sleepy Hollow is FOX’s latest fantasy drama airing Mondays at 9/8c.
Blood Moon
For the Triumph of Evil


Chemistry is about the necessary factors for onscreen chemistry to work.

Adorkable is a little rant about my annoyance towards the adorkable trend. While I don’t hate it, I discuss why it is over-saturating the characters we are seeing on screen.

Suspension of Disbelief is necessary of almost everything we consume, but there are limits of which we can be pushed. This discusses the realm of safety versus when it goes overboard.

Where the Time Goes is a discussion about not having enough time in the day. I know you all feel me on that subject.

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