About Too Much TV

Currently, I watch an obnoxious amount of TV. It is actually borderline disturbing, but there are simply so many shows I have an interest in now. This wasn’t so a few years ago. A few years ago I have maybe 3 or 4 shows that I wanted to watch each week. And 8 years ago when I was still in high school the only show I really watched was Supernatural. So how did I go from one lowly tv show, to having to dvr my sows just to watch them all.

Old Habits…
Growing up, I was an only child. An only child who was not particularly good at making friends. When the few friends I had were out doing something else, or often during the week, I would turn to tv. If I wasn’t in a dance class, I was watching whatever was on TV. I had a rotation. I’d watch Garfield on Nickelodeon and Bill Nye on PBS. Then we got BBCAmerica and I’d watch a drama about some Scottish family before changing over to TLC to watch the home make over shows. I didn’t have much of an idea of certain shows come on, on certain days, except Disney original movies premiered the first Friday of every month.

It was natural for me to watch TV. It kept me company as a kid. While I wasn’t dealing with appointment TV, I was dealing with a lot of it. The surprising thing, It wasn’t the TV in my room that caused me to watch TV so much. Although it did help me on many sleepless nights to fight away the fear as a watched anime on adult swim until it coaxed me back to sleep.

…Never Die
In High School, my social networked blossomed. I never made friends at any different pace, but my friends who did make friends brought around more people. Soon I was mixed up in the time consuming activity of marching band. It made sense I only had time for one show. Between practice, school, homework, and friends, I had very little free time. TV fell to the wayside.

But I’m not entirely sure it was because I didn’t have a whole lot of time. I think it was partially because my interests weren’t being met. Sure I loved Supernatural, but how many other quality shows in genres I enjoyed were out there. Sure I liked Reaper, but the quality quickly declined on that show before it was cancelled. Thus I believe the combination of being extremely busy and not having many shows in my interest range shut my TV watching almost completely out.

Now that I am working and in a new city. I don’t have that network of friends to keep me busy. And it is so true when people say it is harder to meet new people when you are older. I miss the community of high school or college. Now I have to actually find things I’d be interested to do on my own. Needless to say. I reverted back to how I was before high school, except now I have a schedule of TV shows and a purpose. So I will be using my TV watching for good.

What to Expect
I review TV shows here. I am going to target new shows, but I will also be doing older shows if they strike my fancy. So far I have been reviewing Sleepy Hollow and Agents of SHIELD. Joining that list are: The Originals( the review will be late, but is coming), Arrow, The Tomorrow People, American Horror Story: Coven, Once Upon a Time: in Wonderland, and Dracula.

What have your TV habits been like over the years?

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