Sleepy Hollow – The Lesser Key of Solomon

This episode was a bit slower and a little bit convoluted, but it wasn’t a bad thing. I loved that we were given the treat of meeting Jenny for a bit longer. In fact, the dynamic between Abbie and Jenny was wonderful. Watching the two interact for the first time with guns pointed was perfect. The two sisters bickered like real sisters and the animosity that had grown between them was clear. It was a bit odd that their relationship seemed to reconcile so quickly. Sure, they were forced to work together and are starting to see eye to eye, but there is 10 years of separation between the two sisters. As long as the animosity and mistrust continues for a reasonable amount of time, it will be believable.

It wasn’t until Ichabod stepped in that the sisters settled. Speaking of Ichabod, he drifted into the rear of this episode again. That isn’t to say his skills weren’t necessary. His eidetic memory came in handy this week when it came to remembering the image the sextet projector displayed. Ichabod as always did provide the majority of the humor in the episode. Tom Mison is certainly proving himself in terms of his ability to be light hearted. After the opening sequence we are revealed to see everything that happened was being recounted to Yolanda. Yes, Yolanda the onstar lady. It turned out he needed her help getting him out of the car Abbie had locked him in at the end of the last episode. It was a nice touch and along with a few other choice moments in the episode prove that Ichabod is the humor of this show.

The sextet projector was a nice little touch. It fit in to the episode that went particularly heavy on the revisionist history. Although it is a nice bit of technology for the sextet to double as the projector. The episode also opened with another vision. A vision that corresponded with the full story which we received later in the episode. The idea that Ichabod helped orchestrated the Boston Tea Party in order to steal something from the boat was very interesting.

This week also brought in a new, and human, opponent that will likely make appearances throughout the rest of the season if not the entire series. The hessians are soldiers and this episode did not hold back on showing that. While the few hessians we saw this episode are gone, I’m certain we will see more of these guys especially as they pose a barrier between Abbie and Ichabod’s goal of preventing the horsemen from rising to power.

Now, for what is bothering me with the show. Orlando Jones’s Captain Irving is still flat. I need to know more about him. I also want to know why he is okay with Ichabod tagging along with Abbie. Sure he had one moment of questioning, but he’s still allowing it. For someone who doesn’t believe that Ichabod is who he says he is, it is strange to allow him such close access on major cases.

The other thing that bothers me is that Ichabod is still wearing his 18th century garb. Sure, this episode continued immediately from the end of the last episode, but it still is odd that he wouldn’t get a spare set of clothes. He must smell right now.

What did you think of the episode?

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