Agents of SHIELD – The Asset

The episode started showing how far SHIELD reaches into aspects of US life with a trucker. The cargo that was lifted was not an object, but actually an acclaimed scientist. It turned out that while he wasn’t very keen on being kidnapped or enjoyed seeing who kidnapped him. But in the grand scheme of the episode he isn’t very important and served as more of a plot device than anything. However, we did get a hint that when all was said and done, he is still alive in that Graviton thing.

Speaking of the Graviton object. I believe a lot of strange things (I buy into the whole Marvel universe), but I have trouble buying this device. They tried to explain it on the show, again with someone forcing FitzSimmons to speak in layman’s terms. The device could alter the way gravity functioned. The show depicted this by people standing on walls and sliding all over the place. Maybe my head just can’t understand, but it was something that needed to just be accepted.

Character development overall gets a negative mark from me. We learned more about Ward which was nice. And we also saw a bit more with Skye. The two have rough pasts, particularly Skye. Their scenes together lacked chemistry though. When they were pushed together it was difficult to watch them pretend to be intrigued by each other. Individually the characters have the potential to be interesting. Together, not so much. It is clear those two are the couple they are pushing on this show.

The major downfall in development comes from FitzSimmons. This episode was an opportunity to flesh out these one dimensional characters. Instead, we learned that they idolized this professor that was taken. And that was it. This was a missed opportunity to thrust these two characters to the foreground and flesh them out. They should have more to them, more for people to relate to. FitzSimmons are flat characters and there is nothing to them. They get no face time, we don’t know them from other mediums, and they don’t have mysterious interesting pasts.

Three episodes in and it is finding it’s legs. It is a watchable show, but it is not top notch TV yet. Some more work on characters and we could see some great things happening.

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