About Loving the Journey

My boyfriend doesn’t like watching anything if he already knows the end of it. If he does, he tends to fall asleep. He says something about losing interest because he already know what is going to happen. I can kind of understand. There is something amazing about watching something and not having any idea of what is going on. The twists and turns reveal before you and it is a bit more exciting.

You see, I come at a new story from a different perspective. I go into a story with expectations to enjoy the journey. As important as an ending is to a story, unless that ending is earth shatteringly mindblowing it is the journey that keeps me going. If I lose interest in what is happening to the character and the struggles they encounter, I will never get to the spectacular end. Each step and turn doesn’t always need purpose, but it needs to entertain, it needs to inform. If the journey ever becomes dull, there is a chance I may step away from it.

But the main reason why the journey is more important than the end to me is because I only spend a few minutes with the ending, a short span of time in comparison to the whole of the story. The majority of my time will be spent watching characters act silly and different. It will be seeing the world that was created and all the individual plot points. The journey brings me to the end. As a result, I can hate the ending of something and still love a story because the journey was satisfying. At the end of the day, I tend not to remember the ending as it is one plot point. Instead, I remember the feeling that is evoked through a film. Those feelings will be shaped by the journey, not the ending.

Do you prefer the end or the journey.

4 thoughts on “About Loving the Journey

  1. I prefer the journey, definitely. I’m one of those annoying people who will sometimes real the end of the book early just so I can slow down and enjoy the writing more along the way. I also reread books I love frequently.

  2. I also vote for the journey. And knowing the end in advance can sometimes make the journey a little more enjoyable and enticing because it makes me wonder how the author is going to get there from where I am. Ditto on re-reading books, too! Some books are crafted so beautifully that it’s a pleasure to read them more than once.

  3. I can relate to this. One of my favourite books is Tick Tock by Dean Koontz. Even though I hate the ending (it’s so lame) but I have read the book three times because the journey is so much fun.

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