American Horror Story: Coven – Bitchcraft

American Horror Story’s latest iteration opened with Kathy Bates’s LaLaurie character being a bigot, a fake bitch, a horrible person, and a sick mutilator. Her biggest complaint in her room of horrors is that she is going to have maggots because of the poor girl who’s face was flayed. Yes it was sick. It was disturbing. and it set the tone for the level of disturbing we can look forward to in the rest of the season. LaLaurie had a thing for mutilation. When LaLaurie’s promiscuous daughter sleeps with one of the slaves, LaLaurie’s way to cover it up is to bring him to her mutilation chambers. He becomes the minatour that she’s always wanted. Little did she know, her minataur was Voodoo Priestess Marie Laveau’s lover. And Marie’s revenge was a bitch.

In fact, many of the witches on this show are bitches. Particularly, Madison Montogomery who still possesses her queen bitch mentality even though she is no longer in front of the camera. The animosity that she stirs up between the small cluster of girls in the school for young witches. However, she chooses Zoe as the lesser of all evils and they immediately go off to a frat party. Zoe who has major intimacy problems, and with good reason considering she kills whoever she has sex with, she meets the very charming Kyle.

Unfortunately for nearly all involved. One of the horrible frat guys decides to drug and rape Madison. Thankfully, Kyle breaks it up and chases down his frat brothers berating them as Zoe comforts Madison. But Madison doesn’t need comforting and flips the bus with the frat guys. Only 2 survived, her assailant and a random, but Kyle is dead.

As for Jessica Lange’s Fiona, she is a fascinating blend of fabulous and self-serving. Her decision to dig up Lalaurie seemingly for answers regarding anti aging. I mean she was willing to kill a man just because her doctor was going to quit and no longer give her the experimental anti-aging drugs. Yet, she does seem to have an interest in bringing out and fostering the girls talents, even she isn’t nurturing them in a positive direction.

What did you think of the episode?

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