Arrow – City of Heroes

Say good bye to The Hood and hello to Green Arrow. Well, at least I am guessing that’s what he will go by since the episode actually deprived us of the true reveal. But after a lot of waffling Oliver is finally back in the saddle. It wasn’t after a nice bit of persuasion and force to get him there though.

After the event in the Glades, Oliver left is mother to rot in the prison and skipped off to the island, while his sister thought he was in Europe. Luckily for Oliver, the community thinks the hood  died in the attack. Now, I can understand Oliver running off. His best friend had just died thinking he was a murderer. And to ad insult to injury he failed to save the city from the explosions. There is a lot of guilt riding on Oliver’s shoulders, a whole cities worth. In fact, I’m surprised they were able to convince him to come back so quickly, but he’s back in Starling City.

Oliver’s reservations drove the majority of the episode. His resistance to accepting his place as the vigilante made sense. It wasn’t until Thea was abducted that he finally threw in the towel and accepted who he was. But it wasn’t without a change in his methods. That’s right, Oliver is going all Batman on us. No longer are we going to have the kill happy Hood. We are going to have a spare their lives Arrow. With any Luck, the show will find a balance and still allow Oliver to permanently take out threats when necessary. The progress of the character and realizing that a change is necessary is important for his character.

As for the contents of the episode that drove the plot, it was moving quick. The Hood inspired an array of copycats. The threat level was upped when the copycats were going after the very person they were copycatting, even if they didn’t know it. The copycats were out for their own sense of twisted justice for the destruction of the Glades. I have a feeling that we will be feeling the repercussions of those events for a while. It has the potential to bring a lot of conflict and drive many characters motivations.

One of those characters attempting to benefit from the destruction of the Glades is Isabel Rochev. Her attempt to buy Queen Industries right from Oliver was thwarted by Walter Steele. It was nice seeing Colin Salmon back on the show. After he conveniently disappeared for a number of episodes only to turn up at the end of the season, it was nice to see more of Steele. I find him an intelligent character and extremely interesting. he may be on the show less, but I will enjoy any opportunity to see him on screen. As for Rochev, this was far from the last that we have seen from her.

Laurel Lance is proving to be a more interesting character this season. I admit to feeling all of her scenes from Season 1 felt bland and lifeless, seeing her actually fighting was refreshing. It was odd that an array of policemen couldn’t do anything to stop the copy cat hoods, but a few defense classes gave laurel the skills to take one of them down. Go her, but a bit odd. I’m also interested in seeing what ferocity Laurel will be going after the hood with. It will be interesting to see if her pursuit leads her to realize it is Oliver behind the hood and if that drives her to become Black Canary.

What did you think of the episode?

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