The Tomorrow People – Pilot

I went into The Tomorrow People excited about an X-Men like TV show. The first thing I wish to clarify is that people in the show are naturally evolved humans, but their abilities are limited. For one they are limited to the three Ts.

We begin with learning that something weird is happening to Stephen. In fact, he wakes up in his neighbors’ bed after teleporting there in his sleep. His condition is out of hand and he is teleporting more and more. He’s going to doctors and its driving his mother into debt. Astrid seems to be his only friend.

Not only was Stephen teleporting, he was also hearing voices. Well, Car’s voice to be specific. Each of the tomorrow people can communicate telepathically. It is an interesting skill and handled surprisingly well on the show. At least so far. We haven’t experienced a large group of tomorrow people trying to communicate telepathically. The skill comes in handy during numerous parts of the pilot allowing them to convey information without the pesky interruption of using a cell phone.

We didn’t get a whole lot of this in the episode. We did however watch Stephen save his toothbrush from falling to the bathroom floor. Sure, we had some nice little displays of the ability like floating Stephen and a watch snapping on to Russell’s arm. I was most intrigued by Stephen kamehameha blasting the kid in school. It gave me a good laugh, but also showed off a bit of his power.

It is a nice little touch that the man hunting Stephen is his uncle. it is even more interesting that Stephen didn’t make the obvious choice and sign up with the tomorrow people. Instead, he chose to help his uncle in order to get the information that he wants. I find it a little bit difficult to believe that he is so willing to pledge his allegience to the tomorrow people. Hopefully, his uncle won’t be all bad and we will see more conflict dredging up for Stephen. Over all the show has potential and it can’t be written of so quickly, based off just the pilot.

What did you think of the episode?

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