Once Upon A Time in Wonderland – Down The Rabbit Hole

The episode quickly starts with us finding out the position Alice is in after her trip to Wonderland. Her initial trip down the rabbit hole left her missing for so long her father thought her dead. When she returned, she was rather promptly determined crazy. Of course, many years later her only idea to get out was to prove that she wasn’t crazy and bring back proof. But her trip only cemented her place in the loony bin.

As a character, Alice’s decisions don’t always make sense, but she is interesting. Getting to see an older Alice with more confidence be cunning and brave was a nice treat. She seems far more capable than other iterations of the character. For goodness sake, she managed to take out a group of asylum orderlies. Granted, I didn’t expect one of the orderlies to pull out a knife, but Alice still managed to put them all down on her own. Once in Wonderland, Alice becomes a crafty girl, able to bribe the Knave of Hearts into helping her.

The sets on the show are a bit outlandish. They seem to relish in the idea that this in Wonderland it must not feel anything like our world. However, even in the scenes in Victorian England feel overly stylized. Wonderland is positively glorious to look at, but everything seems to be CGI. Unfortunately, at times the CGI looks ridiculous and obviously CGI, rather than subtle. For goodness sake, even the Knave of Hearts acknowledges it is ridiculous that they landed in a pond of marshmallow. The scene with the Cheshire Cat didn’t far much better, making him seem very fake.

As for the Knave, he is by far my favorite character on the show so far. I promise it isn’t because I adore watching Michael Socha, although that may be part of it. I am more intrigued by his character’s in it for himself personality. He is dark and willing to betray even those he feels he owes. The knave is skeptical and uncertain, but also willing to help. I want to learn more about his character and what drives him.

The villains on the show really get under my skin due to their unbelievability. Now this could be a symptom of them not being fleshed out enough. Unlike the villains in its orginators series, these guys only feel bad and I’m not sensing any depth. If show is going to thrive, they need to be fleshed out so we get a sense of their humanity and that they aren’t just bad guys.

I won’t even get into the time travel bit that doesn’t make sense to me. The show forces you to accept that the Knave could just travel back in time and get Alice. What are the rules of the world?

What did you think of the episode?

5 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time in Wonderland – Down The Rabbit Hole

  1. To be honest I’m 50/50 on this show right now. I love the original Once Upon A Time and was hooked from the very very first episode. The characters were fantastic and the setting was well established. With Wonderland that’s not the case. I’m not sold on the Red Queen at all so far. Of course, it’s only the pilot but we haven’t seen anything about her other than that’s she’s evil. Hopefully we’ll get her backstory as the series progresses. Alice is ok, but I love the fight scene in the asylum. The Knave is the only truly interesting character right now. He gets the best lines and he seems to be the most fleshed out character we’ve seen so far. A lot of the effects are awful. The Cheshire Cat is terrible as is the magic carpet scene. I will obviously give the show a chance as often the pilot is the weakest episode in any new show as you need to establish characters and set the story up. I’m not confident that this show will make it. The pilot was a lot weaker than the original Once Upon A Time. Time will tell.

    • Currently The Knave is the only character with any sort of depth. I was ultimately really disappointed with the show. So far it has been the weakest new show of the season, for me.

      As for the show making it. I believe that wonderland is supposed to be a full story. My impression was that the show was only intended to be one season. I think ABC is simply trying to branch the brand. For example maybe next year it would we Once Upon A Time in Oz. Which makes me think that as long as the show has decent ratings it will stick around, since it isn’t a long term commitment. We will have to see.

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