Sleepy Hollow – John Doe

This was the first week we didn’t open with a mysterious dream or memory. Instead, we are treated to something equally as odd, but also light hearted. Thomas spots a young girl urging him to follow her through the woods. Unfortunately for Thomas, he hasn’t seen all the horror movies of our era to know that following a mystery girl through the woods is probably a bad idea. Shortly after, what is presumably one of the horsemen chases Thomas into the future with his disease.

Abbie and Ichabod in Roanoke

John Doe – Abbie and Ichabod in the lost colony of Roanoke

This disease is serious business, spreading to anyone making contact with John and incapacitating them quickly. It spreads quickly, but what is more menacing about the disease originates from Roanoke. Yes, I’m talking about the lost colony of Roanoke that to this day, people do not know what happened to make the entire colony go from thriving to unsettling deserted in 3 years. We are led to believe that the disease is the cause for the disappearance. If the way the show depicted the disease and it causing veins to turn black, skin to lose color, and eyes to turn bloodshot, I believe the severity.

Thomas crossed over a river path that lead to a mysterious place that allowed the people of Roanoke to prevent the spread of the Pestilence plague the horsemen inflicted on the colony. And there Abbie and Icahbod crossed. Now this hidden colony that no one had stumble upon previously in the woods that contained such  deadly disease is difficult for me to believe.  Once I move past this huge leap of faith I can get back into the episode because of the character development.

For once, we are actually seeing some sort of characterization of characters other than Abbie and Ichabod. As each episode goes by, I constantly wondered why Captain Irving was so willing to allow Ichabod help with cases. Thankfully, we see Morales questioning Irving’s motives. he goes so far as checking on Ichabod’s supposed credentials. Morales clearly doesn’t trust Ichabod and his faith in the Captain has been spent. As for Irving, It was nice to see more of Irving considering he is on the main cast. He is still barking orders and remaining rather stoic, but it’s clear he either believes Ichabod more than he lets on or he knows more. Watching him go along with Abbie’s plan showed he really had faith a theory that under most circumstances would be considered insane. Either way, Irving is being set up to be a far more interesting character than he has been.

Abbie seeking a sign

John Doe – Abbie seeks a sign in the hospital’s chapel

Our two main characters, especially were also expanded in this episode. For Ichabod, we get to see how he reacts when encountering someone like him. Thomas is even more out of place than Ichabod. Even if he is out of place, Ichabod fought to be alive in our time. He fought the disease. The only downfall is the persistence of his dirty clothes. He’s finally moved out of the motel and into Sheriff Corbin’s cabin. For a moment, when he questioned if he looked out of place I thought he might get a change of garb. Getting sick may have put a damper on the urgency for fresh, modern clothes, but I hope they are coming. As of now, I think the show is keeping the clothes as is in an attempt to remind the audience that he isn’t from our time. I hope they trust the audience a little bit more and allow him to dress modernly. If only because it would give them some material for laughs.

For Abbie, we got to see just how much she relies on Ichabod and cares for him. Watching Abbie fight to keep the men from taking Ichabod away, was a nice show of affection. It rattled Abbie so much that she went to the church. Abbie was forced to fully give in to her beliefs, something which is particularly difficult for Abbie. It is encouraging to see her actually making progress in her emotional journey. Than again, standing in the middle of the missing Roanoke colony with your partner who was revived by a witch can do that to you. I’m really intrigued by seeing Abbie care more for Ichabod and what she will do for him. Abbie is a bit of a cold character, but everyone warms up to someone.

What did you think of the episode?

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