Once Upon A Time in Wonderland – Trust Me

Alice gets a message from Cyrus

Alice gets a message from Cyrus

Alice’s obstinance is rather annoying and I get the feeling that it is a consistent personality trait of hers. When the Knave insisted that they walk around the lake, she continued to insist in taking Silver’s help, despite knowing Silver hated the Knave. It was rather predictable that Silver decided to drop the Knave into the lake. If Alice had just listened to the Knave, neither of them would have ended up in the water. Alice is fairly quick and jumping to the conclusion that the Knave deserved to be dropped in the water, even if she never found out what happened. I will chock i up to naivety, but if she is only going to be judgmental, she’s going to be very one note. While I love Alice’s purple outfit, where did she find it? And why couldn’t she clue the Knave into where she found the clothes.

The Knave, the Knave, the Knave. I am really starting to get a feel for his character, even if I don’t know what he did to make everyone in Wonderland hate him. His snide comments and pop culture references make the world somewhat relatable. His twisted apology to Silver was entertaining as he backhandedly insulted her. The Knave is very aware of his surroundings and nothing deludes him. Hope is not a tenet of his character. Then again, being hated by all of Wonderland and living in our world could do that to anyone.

The Red Queen is still rather flat, even if her lips aren’t. Am I the only one who wishes to pop her lips, just so I don’t have to hear the awkward cadence that accompanies her line delivery? We did get to learn a bit more about The Red Queen though. While she may find listening to the troubles of her subjects irritating, she takes it as part of the job. As Jafar points out, The Red Queen cares about what people think of her. But that doesn’t stop her from enjoying being waited on hand and foot, while she schemes to rule over more land. She seeks power, but it is clearly Jafar pulling the strings and doing the leg work.

Other than this week’s chase after the macguffin, we didn’t have very much of the plot moving forward. The bottle which Alice sought is now in the possession of the Red Queen in her attempt to gain leverage over Jafar. For Alice, a quest for naught is devastating, but isn’t enough to rattle her confidence in and love for Cyrus. It is a testament to her will. However, the White Rabbit’s precarious situation, entangled wit the Red Queen, will continue to thwart Alice throughout the season. It’s clear that the White Rabbit can’t do much to escape the Red Queen’s metaphorical grasp.

As is, the season is only on it’s second episode, but it is very slow moving. The plot advancement was only slight with a slight shift in the balance of power between the bad guys. Along with Alice realizing just how dangerous her trip may be with the Knave at her side, we aren’t treated to much else than what we saw in the first episode. Hopefully, things will pick up soon and I will really start to feel for these characters and their goals rather than just hearing them say it. At least, Alice knows for certain that Cyrus is alive.

What did you think of the episode?

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