Agents of SHIELD – Girl in the Flower Dress

Raina gets Ho Yin the enhancement serum

Raina gets Ho Yin the enhancement serum

Fire wielding street magicians are always awesome. Unfortunately, the lovely lady that Ho Yin meets after his performance has ideas other than getting together. Ho Yin is kidnapped and taken by Raina to some unknown facility, spurring the activity. Raina wishes Ho Yin, who she dubs Scorch, to use the ability SHIELD wants to hide. SHIELD goes to look for Ho Yin after his handler notices Ho Yin’s disappearance.

As for Ho Yin, the emotions and everything he went through are outstanding. First he gets kidnapped. Then he is given drugs to enhance his ability, giving him a high and the hope of using his ability without shame. For that freedom to be who he actually is to be ripped away from him so quickly, as he is drained of what makes him special. The rollercoaster ride of emotions that Ho Yin must of felt would be extraordinary. I can almost understand why he took the opportunity to steal the enhancement serum and attack the people who previously oppresed him. He’s angry, but attacking the people who are trying to get you out is not the best idea.

The big plot stealer was Skye’s betrayal to the SHIELD team. When a RisingTide hacks SHIELD, Skye is called out. But it isn’t until Mae catches Skye hooking up with her boy toy and fellow Rising Tider, Miles, that the depth f her betrayal is revealed. This was a great plot device, but I wonder if this has occurred a bit too early. Skye was never going to get away with secretly working for Rising Tide, she isn’t sly enough to pull it off, but the emotional reactions from most of the team feel unfounded, even if they add something to their characters. I can understand the muted disappointment Coulson displays as it was his choice and belief in her that comes in to question. Ultimately, the fate of Ho Yin could be pinned down on him, for Skye’s betrayal. Similarly, Ward his probably spent the most time with Sky and it’s clear that he feels like he knows her. The reality of the situation would likely shake his confience and trust.

The pain and betrayal the team feels from Skye is so palpable. For the first time I feel like Fitz is a real person. When he speaks to Simmons about how he thought Skye was his friend. “How could she do this to us?” While Simmons tried to give Fitz some sort of comfort, the pain on his face is real. It is nice finally seeing at one of the pair getting some further depth. It was short lived, but it was nice to get something.

Skye hacks the facility's system

Skye hacks the facility’s system

This is the Skye show. Every week, we learn a bit more about Skye and some how she plays a pivotal role in the plot. This week, it really was all about her and her role in SHIELD and her role in Rising Tide. We find out that her role in the Rising Tide was for her to find out what had once happened to her family. Even more importantly, Miles acknowledges that she isn’t the person she once was. The Skye we met in the beginning of the series was out for herself, sure we didn’t know why, but we knew that she put herself first. However, in this episode we see Skye genuinely mad at Miles for putting a man’s life at risk. The fact that money was Miles’s motivation didn’t even matter. I think this is good progress in terms of Skye’s character. though, I’d love to see other characters get as much focus.

It is great that we are finally tying back to the pilot with Ho Yin’s kidnappers being related to the people behind the Extremis experiments. For those who follow the comics, the tie back to Austin, Texas was also enjoyable. Raina is out to stabilize Extremis, which could provide an army of massively powerful people roaming the world.

The tech bracelets that were placed on Miles and Skye were rather interesting. I’m hoping to see the bracelet in action and not just as a fashion accessory.

What did you think of the episode?

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