About Your Motivation

Short post today, but I was curious what motivates you? Every day, I wake up and I write this blog and I start to work on whichever work in progress is currently at bat. It would be easy for me to just shut off and not do any work. I could desperately use more sleep which waking up early to make sure I reach my goals hinders. Despite the lack of sleep, I trudge on working each day to either better a piece already in existence or creating new content. Every day. At least, for the most part. A girl needs to take a break every so often.

What keeps me going every day is my desire to have something to show for myself. I want to have some sort of tangible legacy that is outside of the experiences people may have with me. Having a book, either hard copy or e-book would provide me with that ability to say look even when everyone who knew me has died, someone can still find my work. I can still reach people even after I’m gone. That’s what I want. I also want to go to my high school reunion and be able to say I’m a published author. I suppose that’s why I dedicate so much time to writing.

So what motivates you?

3 thoughts on “About Your Motivation

  1. I suppose for me it’s more obsession than motivation. Once I start a project I simply CAN’T leave it alone. I’m thinking about it most of the time and hurrying to get through the rest of life’s necessities so I can sit down and write. I’ve had one novel published and although it did fairly well and garnered an award nomination I want to do better with my current WIP. All that really motivates me is a desire to tell a story and tell it well enough that people want to read it.

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