American Horror Story: Coven – The Replacements

Marie performing a fertility spell

Marie performing a fertility spell

Can I call this review Baby Gravy. That was possible the one line uttered by Marie that stuck out to me. In fact that whole fertility spell sequence was captivating and disturbing. All of that for nothing because Marie refuses to do the spell for Delia. She “was born to the wrong tribe.” Marie is smart and knows better than taking unnecessary risks when a threat has been placed.

Fiona was clearly always a bit of badass even at a young age as we see that Fiona wanted to be the Supreme so badly, she slit her throat to speed up the transition. the drive Fiona possesses and her willingness to do anything in her power to achieve it is fascinating to watch.

As a character she has her beliefs and sticks to them. More than once Fiona has made comments that she doesn’t approve of LaLaurie’s racism. When LaLaurie refuses to serve Queenie her food, Fiona assigns LaLaurie to be Queenie’s personal slave. Anything Queenie wants LaLaurie to do, she must do.

Zoe is an odd bird. For someone who barely knew Kyle it is odd for her to go seek out Kyle’s mother, though it really benefited her. She is completely broken by Kyle’s death, which motivates Zoe even further.  Kyle is dealing with being a newly resurrected person. He’s also dealing with rape from his mother. An entirely disturbing scene and makes me question the look he gave Zoe when his mother pulled him into the house. I was happy to see Kyle finally break free of his mother’s psychological hold, even if that meant bashing in her head.

This episode brought the introduction of the new next door neighbors. The Joan Ramsay is clearly very proper and religious and her son(Luke)’s parading around without a shirt. Though anyone with an appreciation for the male body would find it a shame for him to cover up unnecessarily. It is hot out, let the boy cool off without a shirt. I can see a lot of future tension building between Madison and Luke. Madison already has her eyes on him, but I doubt Joan would eve let such debauchery happen under her roof. Though Madison is a bit off-putt by the Luke’s attention to Nan.

Fiona teaches Madison a bit about power

Fiona teaches Madison a bit about power

Madison set fire to that stuffy woman’s drapes. She deserved it for immediately claiming that Madison needed to be prayed for. But the big news is setting fire to drapes is not Madison’s ability. Madison is a telekinetic. With the emergence of new powers it is pretty clear that she will be the next Supreme. For now Fiona, is sticking up for Madison. Though, Fiona’s intentions are always for herself and if Madison is going to thrive in the season, she will need to out wit Fiona. No easy task. Madison nearly breaks when Fiona informs her that she will be supreme. Madison even wants to get Fiona the best oncologist to help with her cancer. Madison wouldn’t even kill Fiona when Fiona placed the knife in her hand. Instead, Fiona killed Madison. I’m really hoping this theme of resurrection continues and this isn’t the last we see of Madison.

Misty is psychotic and obsessive. Her love for Fleetwood Mac, in particular Stevie Nicks, is bizarre and will grow old. For now, it adds to how off balance Misty actually is. She loves to listen to her Fleetwood as she cares for those she helps with ressurection. Kyle is no exception to this, as she pleads with Zoe to let Kyle stay. Something is still firing properly as Kyle seems to understand that Zoe wants to take him to see his mother and prefers that to laying on Misty’s bayou bed.

While I love seeing Queenie expanded as a character. I don’t think I ever need to see a character get off with a minotaur ever again. Ever.

What did you think of the episode?

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