The Tomorrow People – Girl, Interrupted

Cara and Stephen

Cara and Stephen

While I as initially skeptical of the scene from the past about Cara, I was quickly compelled. It is a nice reveal that Cara is actually deaf. Thus revealing how important her abilities are to her. Being able to communicate through telepathy is thus the most important thing in the world to her. It allows her to communicate more like people do normally. However, it was painful watching the trauma and way she came into her powers. To see her be sexually assaulted by the boy was painful. it was almost satisfying to see her gain her power and thrust him away in one loud scream. She is clearly highly suspicious of other men. While this is an interesting character development, the previous two episodes didn’t hint at the trauma. Especially, not the way she was crawling all over john without any inhibitions.

This episode clearly focuses on the telepathic aspect of their power. When we finally see Stephen at the party, he is entertaining himself by listening in to people’s thoughts. Although, that quickly presents a problem as we learn that the snarky girl at the party he tries to speak to is going to die in 48 hours. It isn’t abundantly clear if it will be her own doing, or something is going to happen to her. It is however, enough to spark and interest.

Jed is positively evil and it is wonderful to see him be so bad. I’ve yet to grow tired of it, but we still need to learn more about what drives Jed. he can’t just be evil. Those sorts of characters do not exist. Every person believes that they are a hero in their own story. Every last person. This needs to happen for even the most evil of characters if we want to empathize.

Astrid and Stephen

Astrid and Stephen

Again and again during this episode telepathy is used to trick characters. It causes all the trouble the characters encounter in these episodes. The mind is a delicate thing and infiltrating it, no matter for what good cause it can be dangerous. Their foolishness leads to Cara being captured by Ultra. Thankfully, Stephen is the inside man and stops time to get Cara out.

The most interesting conceit of the story is The Tomorrow People’s apathy for humans. There is a clear duality on this show. Ultra doesn’t like the Tomorrow People because of their potential of being dangerous. The Tomorrow People don’t trust any human because they apparently are all awful. When the life of one of Stephen’s classmates is at stake, it is more important for him to stay hidden than to help an innocent person. A thought that actually matches up perfectly with Jed’s thoughts on Stephen’s involvement. Considering Cara’s past experience with unworthy people, it is odd that she would be so against Stephen helping another, human or not. What Cara experienced was unfortunately, not an uncommon thing. At least, she had her power to help her and a community. The snarky girl has no one to rely on. It shouldn’t have taken Cara almost losing her power to realize the despair the girl was feeling.

This is the first time we see Ultra exhibit their ability to strip the tomorrow people of their powers with a shot. It looks like quite a painful thing that they experience when they are given it. But even more terrifying is Jed’s enthusiasm for letting people die. In fact, he seems quite adamant on having Cara die, until Stephen convinces him otherwise.

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