Once Upon A Time In Wonderland – Forget Me Not

The Knave celebrates his initiation into the Merry Men

The Knave celebrates his initiation into the Merry Men

Right away we see the work of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, which was a nice treat from the Once Upon A Time main universe. As a carriage is stopped, by men supposedly hurt on the ground. We quickly discover it was merely a distraction for one of the Merry Men to steal some treasure. Turns out it was the Knave passing his final test to become a Merry Man.

The Knave doesn’t waste much time convincing Robin Hood that their net heist should be from Maleficent. Yes, Maleficent the evil witch who takes the form of dragon. Robin initially rejects the extremely risky plan, but eventually submits and allows for the heist.  The heist actually goes off almost without a heist, except Maleficent knows of their thievery. Maleficent could care less about the gold, she wants the looking glass. What is most interesting is that the Knave stole the looking glass so he could run away with Anastasia, but you may know her better as the Red Queen. It is a nice twist to see that the Knave was in love with the Red Queen and a different side of the villainous woman.

The green screen Alice and the Knave are constantly walking past is growing bothersome. It doesn’t look real n the slightest. It just looks outlandish and is irritating me. I’d be okay with seeing grass blades as tall as people, if it actually looked like real grass. The effects on this show certainly are on a budget. I think we could do with more practical sets and less of them walking along the path. The boar like creature, a bandersnatch, was also not very good. it was obviously CGI. The use of CGI is best when it is in small doses to dull the surreality it causes. As a comparison, look at how great Grendel’s make up looked.

Through a giant mushroom, the Knave leads us into Underland. There we learn even more about the Knave, particularly that he owes money to everyone in Underland. The caterpillar is there as the shady underlord of this below ground hotspot for criminals of Wonderland. He didn’t come off as intimidating or knowledgeable. That is until we say the screaming head he kept around. Even with that reveal, I wasn’t convinced that the caterpillar really held that much power or was a force that one had to be cautious when dealing with him. The duo does get an idea of where to find the .Forget me not, a device that allows you to see the last thing that happened in a place.

The Grendel holds the Knave and Alice captive

The Grendel holds the Knave and Alice captive

That means going to the Grendel, a horribly disfigured man, who uses the to watch an earlier time when the love of his life was still around. The Knave realizes this and attempts to appeal to the Grendel’s softer side with lines like “In order to move on, you have to let the hurt go.” These current scenes are juxtaposed with his past events. However, I am not sensing the parallel they were attempting to make.

It is slightly frustrating because we are watching Alice and the Knave always be one step behind. Maybe I’m just not a fan of watching Alice try to figure something out that we already know the answer to. We’ve known that The Red Queen has the bottle, but we spent this entire episode with Alice trying to figure it out. Similar to how we already knew that Cyrus was alive, but we spent all of last episode before Alice found out this information for herself. If the series constantly has Alice looking for an answer to something we already now the answer to, it will become mundane.

What did you think of the episode?

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