About Finding Your Strength

Whenever someone attempts to do something there tends to be good and bad. That is, unless, you absolutely suck at said task. In that case, there is no positive side to what I’m going to talk about. Luckily, most people are not like that and tend to either be good or mediocre at something. As long as someone is at least mediocre at something, they can find their strengths and exploit that  to their advantage. It is useful to know what you are capable of as it will allow you to leverage it to your benefit.

Often, people are not perfect at every aspect of a full job. there are things that you can use work on to improve and make yourself a more rounded asset. However, there will always be chinks in the armor that can grate at you.

Step 1
Accept that you are not perfect. Once you can accept that your endeavors will never be perfect, you will free yourself to recognize what you are good at. One way to do this is by accepting that there is always someone better out there than you. If in your mind you are always suspecting that someone is better than you, you can work to better yourself.

Step 2
Don’t just accept that you’re not perfect, but also acknowledge your weaknesses. Each weakness you possess is generally easily identifiable. You notice it and others notice it and you can use this to your advantage. When you don’t have to do all the hard work in realizing your faults and flaws it is easier to accept. If you are the only person saying something is an issue, it could just be your head messing with you.

Step 3
Go through your process with an open mind and an aware eye. This doesn’t mean feel full of tension as you examine yourself because that isn’t what it’s about. The point of going through your process is to see if your weaknesses arise because of certain circumstances in your environment or process that can be eliminated. Sometimes your weaknesses don’t necessarily reflect your difficulty with a specific task.

Step 4
This step is all about reflection. You need to examine the process you just went through and identify the parts you felt best about. Many times, these will be your strengths. People tend to feel good about themselves when they feel like they are doing good. Sure, this can be shattered when an outside source suggests that the confidence a person has is misguided. Even if your strength is out as being misguided, it is still your strength. This is because you have enthusiasm for that aspect of your work. If you have enthusiasm and feel good about something, then you can improve and leverage that.

Once you’ve identified your strength, you can smile and get a cup of lemonade of liquor (whichever your heart desires). You’ve earned it. Knowing your strength allows you to get even better and also expand that strength into other similar strengths.

I know that when I write, I am particularly good at making readers feel a specific way toward a character. I suppose you could say I can evoke emotions in my reader through my characters. I only realized this after acknowledging that my weakness is the worldbuilding I love so much.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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