American Horror Story – Fearful Pranks Ensue

Marie Laveaux

Marie Laveaux

We opened this week with a flashback to 1961. A young boy was lynched by a group of white men and in an attempt to save him Marie preforms a ritual. I believe the goal was to exact revenge on the men who caused harm to the young boy. At least that was the assumption I made when her zombie creations crashed through the door and tore the men apart.

Queenie’s little tryst with the minotaur seems to have left her dead. Well it did, for a moment. Fiona did some life breathing and summoned Queenie back into the world of the living. The poor girl looks to be in a world of pain after being bored by the minotaur. Someone should have told her that messing around with a centuries old minotaur was a bad idea. But Queenie’s revival signals the importance of resurrection.

There was a great moment of Seven when Marie is delivered the head of her love in a box. In case you forgot, the minotaur that attacked Queenie is Marie’s love. But even with it’s head severed from his body, the minotaur continued to blink and move it’s mouth. A nice disturbing touch.

Fiona’s cover up was entertaining to watch unfold. Fiona has a skill of lying that would be difficult to rival. The flashbacks to the cover up to Fiona’s first murder brought more suspicion on her than it relieved. In fact, the entire trial was wonderful. Watching Fiona pitted against Frances Conroy’s Myrtle Snow reminded me of the great chemistry they have.

Cordelia talks to her mother

Cordelia talks to her mother

I can not wait to see Cordelia’s loyalty to those around her to shatter. First we see her husband cheating on her with some woman who he quickly killed. While that was behind her back, it was unfortunate to see her be so foolish about her relationship. Cordelia took it a step further by supporting her mother. Later in the episode we see that Cordelia suspects her mother for killing Madison. I suppose keeping her verbally abuse mother out of any harm is more important than her pride.

Spalding keeping Madison in his room as one of his personal dolls. he had her stripped down to her skivvies too as he brought her a new dress while he wore his baby outfit. it was an odd scene. We watched his loyalty for Fiona that emerged from his love. He was willing to lie for her time and time again, despite her never really returning anything in the slightest. I doubt we’ll ever discover how he went from a man willing to lie for his love to a person who harbors the victims of his love like dolls.

Of course in a season about resurrection we get zombies. Marie’s zombies at the beginning of the episode were just a start. I would call it a warning of the devastation and horror she unleashes on the school for girls.

What did you think of the episode?

Oh and here’s a zombie for fun.



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