The Tomorrow People – Kill or Be Killed

John and Killian

John and Killian

How dare the Tomorrow People attempt to kill Mark Pellegrino, I mean, Jed. Okay, I will concede that Jed is truly evil and there hasn’t been the slightest bit of good. It doesn’t mean watching Jed be evil isn’t entirely fascinating. This week Jed continued with his evil ways and we didn’t see as much evolution of his characters. The flashbacks between him and John did provide some sense of heart that Jed once possessed. If he really was of a semi good heart at one point, it would be interesting to know what set him on his way of permanent destruction.

John is a bit too self-righteous for me to handle. He may be the leader of the Tomorrow People, but his dark brooding know it all act can become tiresome rather quickly. I also have an issue with the actor. He isn’t terrible, but his acting is stoic. I don’t get the feeling that John was supposed to be so deadpanned with the occasional burst of rage.

Watching the young John was far more endearing as we got to see more of his home life. it seems that all of the Tomorrow People come from somewhat terrible home lives of face issues because of their abilities. It was interesting to see Jed helping John in the past and bringing him into Ultra. While it did seem like he was doing his best to help John, we all know at this point that Jed always has ulterior motives. Motives that will eventually wipe out all Tomorrow People. I like that the personal relationship is more than just Stephen and Jed.

I love that Stephen’s mom stuck it to Jed. She realizes that Jed isn’t such a great person. She’s noticed the bruises that Stephen was coming home with each night. Her memory is pretty sharp too as she recall’s how her husband’s personality changed during the time he was working with Jed. She is no fool and I like that about her. However, knowing how shady Jed is, I’m not sure why she is allowing Stephen to work for him. If she really wanted to protect her son, she wouldn’t allow him to work with a man she personally doesn’t trust.

It was nice to see that Ultra isn’t the only enemy that the Tomorrow people have. Watching Killian threatening John was a nice change of pace. I hope that that we get to see more threats throughout the run of episodes as Ultra can’t be the only threat the Tomorrow People have to face. In fact, I hope we get to see a bunch of other threats.

Overall, this episode brought some great new things to the table. While the story line wasn’t all that enthralling, it was nice to see the different elements that haven’t emerged yet. The show still has potential that eeks out in little bits and pieces, but we are largely missing the cohesion this show needs to survive.

What did you think of the episode?

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