Roundup October 2013

See, I didn’t forget this month. There has been a lot going on in October. The premieres of the remaining tv shows and plenty of interesting movies that have come out in the last month. Here is a recap of everything that’s happened in the month of October 2013.

Before, I start the roundup, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. Also, to all those NaNoer’s get ready because midnight tonight, the game is on. I wish everyone the best of luck on NaNo endeavors. On to the roundup.

TV Reviews

Agents of SHIELD
The Asset
Eye Spy
Girl In the Flower Dress

American Horror Story: Coven
Boy Parts
The Replacements
Fearful Pranks Ensue

City of Heroes
Broken Dolls

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland
Down The Rabbit Hole
Trust Me
Forget Me Not

Sleepy Hollow
The Lesser Key of Solomon
John Doe

The Originals
Tangled Up in Blue
Girl in New Orleans
Sinners and Saints

The Tomorrow People
In Too Deep
Girl, Interrupted
Kill or Be Killed


Sleepy Hollow Renewed – The details of the remaining episodes of Sleepy Hollow and initial plans for next year.
Breaking Racial Barriers – My thoughts on a shift in current representation of minority characters on TV,
Too Much TV – About my current viewing habits and obsession with tv,

The other stuff

Nielsen Ratings part 3 – The conclusion to my series about Nielsen ratings and how they are not a representative of true popularity.
Stepping Out of Your Comfort Genre – Explores the benefits of not being held to only one genre.
Loving the Journey – Questions which is more important an ending or the journey.
Selecting the Medium – Every story needs to be told differently and has a specific medium that will serve it best.
Chasing the Dream – The goals in a person’s life should be sought after. I express some of my dreams.
Creative Freezes – Any creative type experiences a lull in productivity from a freeze. I look at some possible causes.
Immersion – I discuss the importance of being immersed in a story and how it effects long term appreciation.
Your Motivation – What motivates you?
Finding Your Strength – Discovering what you are good or bad at can be beneficial in the long term.


About NaNoWriMo
Mining for A Story

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