About November 2013

Ready, set, GO! NaNoWrimo is officially among us. That means I will be twiddling away at my November novels for this year. This also means a little bit less time on the blog as my focus will be a bit shifted. But don’t worry, You will still be getting regular content. The TV and Movie reviews will still be posted, so you can all sleep soundly. My thoughts on media will also stick around, though don’t be surprised if my weekly posts drop from four days a week down to three. You heard it, for the month of November, aside from reviews, content will only be posted Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I promise you will all survive and the normal four posts a week schedule will return in December.

Now, since I got all the business taken care of, let’s look to the things coming around in November. Every Friday, in combination with my post will be an excerpt from my NaNo Project. FTW for blog chains. Also, there will most certainly be some movie reviews this month. There also stands a good chance that there will be a review of the PS4 coming to the site by the end of the month.


Nov 1 – Ender’s Game – Based on the novel by Orson Scott Card, Ender’s game is about a boy with the ability to operate the forces necessary to take down their enemy to prevent their own extinction. It is very science fiction and has a lot of potential. I doubt it will elevate to Blade Runner status, but I think it can provide a solid afternoon or evening or entertainment.

Biv 8 – Thor: The Dark World – The next installment into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is right around the corner. I am excited to see it, but as with the previous Thor movie, my expectations aren’t too high. I’m sure it will be a solid movie, but I’m not expecting it to push any boundaries or do something that is too shocking. Plus, how could I pass up an opportunity to see Loki?

Nov 22 – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire– Yes, I do want to see this movie. The novels are okay, but the life that Jennifer Lawrence brought into Katniss was magnetic. I want to dive back into the world to see what the crew have in store for me and see how this storyline will be brought to life.

Nov 27 – Frozen – I love Disney and Frozen will be no exception. It looks like a delightful movie and I can’t wait to see it in full. I’ve already watched Idina Menzel performing on of the songs her character sings in the movie. Since it was Menzel, of course it was fantastic.

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