Sleepy Hollow – Sin Eaters

The Sin Eater

The Sin Eater

Crane getting excited about the baseball game was amusing. Yet another moment reminding us just how far removed he is from our society that even the great American past time is foreign to him.

The Sin Eater. We are granted our first trip with the Sin Eater played by John Noble. Before we are able to actually see him, Abbie gets the scoop on him in a dream visit from Katrina. The Sin Eater is Ichabod’s only hope to survive when they attempt to take out the horseman. He has the ability to literally devour the sins of a person and thus sanctifying them. We spent much of the episode speaking of the Sin Eater, learning about him, but never seeing him. When we finally see the Sin Eater, we are given a drained man. A man who no longer wants to deal with his calling, but live his life alone. He arrived just in time to save Ichabod and even he was rattled by what lived inside of Ichabod.

The flashback this week was a nice look into Ichabod’s life back in the 18th century. We are introduced to Ichabod’s sense of morals and pride in country. We also got to see how his loyalties were shifted from the British in a combination of feeling bad about his actions and sympathy for Katrina. Even back in the day, Ichabod was fighting demons. But Ichabod’s reflection also brought about the Free Masons nudging for his death. The Free Masons want Ichabod dead, not out of malice, but to ensure the demise of the horseman.

All that said, I am glad we finally get to see more about Katrina. Ichabod’s devotion to her was always obvious and ever present, but we never got to see why his bond is so strong. He is willing to believe her blindly an listen to her supernatural interventions. Until this episode, Katrina was nothing more than the wise sage with the answers. At least now we get to see what she was like before all of this. She was a Quaker of the highest moral standards. She was appalled by Ichabod standing idly by as the men were hung for treason.

Ichabod in the 18th century.

Ichabod in the 18th century.

It was nice to finally see Abbie show some sort of emotion. She really cares about Ichabod, unconditionally. I don’t fully believe that she only sees Ichabod as the latest person she can relate and cling to. The devotion she shows Ichabod is undeniable. She is willing to put her life on the line again an again in order to protect his life. She is in tears as she pleaded with the Sin Eater to help her, to help Ichabod. And the tears emerge again as she tries to convince Ichabod not to take his life. You get a sense of how much he really means to her.

I’m glad that even though the sisters are working things out, the tension between the two is still palpable. The disdain Jenny feels for his sister isn’t going to go away quickly, but she isn’t about to let Ichabod become canon fodder in their interpersonal battles. Jenny plays the rock for Abbie as she spirals a bit out of control in her desperation to save Ichabod.

This was easily my favorite episode of the season. We had lovely character development for some of our major hitters. Although, Captain Irving is still a bit flat. He doesn’t get nearly enough screen time. We did get the introduction of the Sin eater. He is neither good nor bad, but infinitely interesting. I know he will have a recurring world and I can’t wait to see how he plays out.

What did you think of the episode?

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