Agents of SHIELD – F.Z.Z.T.

The Team checks out a reported strange death

The Team checks out a reported strange death

Any episode that can fit in a mention of The Big Lebowski is awesome. The guy who was killed supposedly made Captain America seem like the dude.

As for the dead guy, I can’t think of many other realistic ways for a boy scout trip to go wrong. After hearing a buzzing noise, the truck engine shoots out and he is killed by something through the head. The weird part is he is found floating in the woods not far away. The obvious assumption is that this is some super tech or someone on the index. Our boy scout leader isn’t the only victim. Another man is found floating. Thankfully, Skye is quick on discovering the link between the victims. Both men were on the same squad of first responders to the New York event.

We finally see the characters operating in their proper places. This time around, we didn’t have the techies working in the field were they were nothing but a liability. Everyone has their place and it was nice to see it operating properly. Coulson, Ward, and May are the fighters ready for combat.

Fitz keeps Simmons company as she counts down to death

Fitz keeps Simmons company as she counts down to death

The episode to a sad down turn when it was revealed that it was an item causing the deaths, not a person. The chitauri helmet is going about infecting people who come in contact with it. They realize this quickly, but not fast enough to prevent Simmons from being infected. It is nice to finally see one of the characters in major jeopardy. Unfortunately, they didn’t spend enough time building her character for her possible death to really feel impactful. Fitz was her rock. He even sucked up his fears and walked into the room to be by the side of his partner when she needed him most. Some of their exchanges were truly tragic and also light, as they searched for the “anti-serum”.

The duo still needs a lot more building for them to be fully realized characters. It was nice to pull some of the focus from other characters and give them their time to shine. Considering, they are often the backbone of the technical information, yet mostly glossed over. I hope that they aren’t just shoved to the side in upcoming episodes. I understand if they aren’t the center of the show and they aren’t going off on their own side missions. But if they are going to e there, they need something substantial to do.

Episode after episode, we get hits of what is going on with Coulson. We’ve yet to have any substantial clue, but my thoughts after getting stronger. After mentioning to his physical therapist that he was feeling a bit rusty, he’s ordered a physical. If you haven’t read the Civil War storyline of Marvel, this may be a spoiler. I believe that Coulson is going through a similar set up as what happened to Thor. I won’t say any more, but that’s my thought.

What did you think of the episode?

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