American Horror Story: Coven – Burn, Witch. Burn!

Fiona reacts to Cordelia suffering from acid burns

Fiona reacts to Cordelia suffering from acid burns

LaLaurie finds a sick enjoyment from displaying her chamber of horrors. An embarassing affinity for their mother to display, the daughters plotted to have their mother killed. How else would they ever get married with a sick perversion of a mother. But LaLaurie is no fool and figures out her daughters’ plot and locks them up in her chamber. Broken legs and threats of shit being shoved down their mouths confirm just how terrible LaLaurie is. She doesn’t just treat people she views as beneath her with disrespect, but all people.

Cordelia just has the worst of luck. She can’t have a child. She’s married to a serial killer. And now someone went and threw acid in her face, effectively blinding her. She hasn’t even got home yet to see the army of living dead in her front yard. Her blinding has left Delia with some new vision. When her scumbag husband touches her hand to console her, she is given glimpses of what he’s been doing behind her back.

Thankfully Luke knew to run when the zombies attack some teenage trick or treaters, but he didn’t run fast enough. If Nan wasn’t so in love with Luke, he surely would have died out there. Thankfully these zombies aren’t the running type, how could they be when they’re nothing more than rotting corpses.

Oh and Spalding is still being creepy with an even more decayed Madison stashed in his toy chest.

There is one rule of zombies. Never let them in your home. LaLaurie needs to learn this lesson and she does, the hard way. Not that I really feel bad about LaLaurie getting some punishments from her zombified daughter. But her foolishness puts the lives of everyone in the house in danger. LaLaurie’s attacked Spalding and Queenie before LaLaurie dispatches her daughter through the heart of all places.

Zoe’s tirade with the chainsaw was far more interesting. She took out the vast majority of her attackers and when one big boss zombie comes after her, she uses some unknown power. A power strong enough to surprise Marie Laveau. And do we see the possible new supreme.

The Coven convene for Myrtle Snow's burning

The Coven convene for Myrtle Snow’s burning

Fiona proves again and again that she is not one to be trifled with. She saw through Myrtle Snow’s ploy and exposed her to the council. Fiona may not have been much of a mother, but when her daughter’s safety is threatened she comes down with a vengeance. Not only did Myrtle work to set up Fiona, she was the one who blinded Cordelia. A strange action considering her claims that she loved Cordelia and raised her. Her crimes were punishable by death. What show about witches can go without a witch burning? Certainly not American Horror Story.

Now Myrtle may have been framed with the help of Queenie, but Myrtle never denied the accusations. Who actually burned Cordelia may never actually be revealed, but that isn’t the point. What we tune in week after week is to see how these witches function and how Fiona manipulates those around her for her own betterment.

What did you think of the episode?

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