Arrow – League of Assassins

Sara/ Black Canary fights members of the League of Assassins

Sara/ Black Canary fights members of the League of Assassins

Let’s start with how I don’t understand how Oliver could know that Sara didn’t die when the Queen’s Gambit sunk, yet not seek her out. It seems like a rather big secret to keep and week after week I am understanding it less than why Sara doesn’t want her family to know about her return. One would think that despite Sara’s predicament, she’d at least want to give word to her family that she was alive. I’m glad she did finally come clean to save their lives. If that stipulation had continued, it would have become irritating.

It was odd to see Sara go from capable and collected to jumpy and weepy in the presence of her father. Considering she needs to stay sharp and on her toes to protect her father, it seemed foolish to take her dad to a diner. When she does finally get him to listen it feels like another assassin could have come in and cut them down. Granted, they do eventually come, but she and The Hood send them on the way with the message to Ra’s that her family is off limits. While her dad has been let in on the secret, it is still a secret from the rest of her family. With her disappearance at the end of the episode, it will be a bit before we learn get more progress on this family situation.

We are treated to a nice scene with one of Ra’s Al Ghul’s assassins coming after Sara and messing up Oliver’s house in the process. But as soon as he arrived, he was gone. What the group was most intrigued by was the fact this assassin was dressed like Merlyn. It isn’t a long jump to conclude that Merlyn was part of the League of Assassins. Now, I am truly fascinated by the League of Assassins and while we weren’t treated to the man himself, the presence of the group is entertaining. they are mysterious and dangerous. Even Diggle admitted his shock at hearing that the League of Assassin’s he’d heard of during his tour in Iraq.

This episode we stepped away from Oliver’s flashbacks and got to see what happened to Sara after the capsize. Her scenes of distress as she was cared for in the ship owned by the League of Assassins. While things could have been very bad on that ship, the man in charge stepped up and fixed things, Dr. Ibo. The biggest reveal is that during Oliver’s time on the island, he was held captive by a changed Sara.

League Of AssassinsMoira is in a rather terrible position, being prosecuted by Laurel. It is understandable that Oliver doesn’t think her arrangement for giving his mother life with the chance for parole rather than the death penalty. As always, Moira is composed and wants to think about what her options before making a decision that could cost her her life. It was disconcerting to see Moira give up so easily rather than fighting. She may have her reasons, but her penance punishes not just herself, but her family. Thankfully, a heartfelt meeting with her children about how they will always love her, she changes her mind. Onward with the case. Honestly, Moira is an interesting character, but I can already see her losing as her death would had a powerful effect on Oliver without destroying major plot lines. Essentially, her death can benefit the show.

As for Laurel, she is really down on herself this episode. While she isn’t obsessed with liquor this episode, a slight misunderstanding was capable of making her crumble. Laurel is the one character on the show who’s character seems rather flimsy. She is career driven and loves her dad, but other than that she does what is necessary for the plot at hand. Hopefully, the future discovery of her sister being alive will give her the opportunity to explore plot lines that explore her as a character without being tied to Oliver.

What did you think of the episode?

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