The Tomorrow People – All Tomorrow’s Parties

Jed takes Stephen to his associate's

Jed takes Stephen to his associate’s

Jed has a boss! For a little while there I was starting to wonder if he was calling all the shots or if there were more important people involved. The people at Ultra are not good, that is a no brainer. they want to wipe out an entire species of people, not because of what they are capable of,but what they could be capable of. Every episode has touched on the fact that the tomorrow people can not kill humans. Ultras goal is to eliminate them all before they develop that ability. As a curious person, you have to ask what is driving Ultra. What is the monetary or social benefit of wiping out a fringe race who poses no direct harm.

Stephen is ordered to meet with the higher power which is father evaded and cost him his life. The higher power who turns out to be another one of the tomorrow people is shrouded. His reasoning for siding with the government, as they are the side which will triumph, seems a bit flimsy. This man is obviously powerful as it poses a force Stephen struggles to deal with.

It is a bit frustrating that they took their time getting to the Astrid situation and then left it to the wayside for the majority of the episode. I won’t even go into the fact that it didn’t make sense for Astrid to get angry in the first place. Stephen asks Astrid to a dance in an attempt to apologize. It doesn’t make sense that Stephen is so weary about telling Astrid about his abilities, when he told her before and she didn’t believe it. I’m not getting the sense that he is trying to protect Astrid, only himself. His secret keeping and disappearances only make Astrid more cautious and leads to her following Stephen.

I could have gone without Irene. She is incredibly intelligent, but irritating. Something gets me when characters blurt out their technobabble and jargon. I understand that they are likely trying to expand on the group so we have more characters and it isn’t just a faceless blob of people, but it still felt a bit forced. Which makes sense considering she was nothing more than canon fodder.

The return of Kurt was entertaining. His frustrations were logical. Being cut off from your family and everything you once know has to be difficult on anyone. Kurt just wanted to see his mom. Though it clearly exposed a rift within the group. Everyone is antsy living underground with no ability to contact anyone other than their own.

The Tomorrow People enjoy a party

The Tomorrow People enjoy a party

We are introduce to a jaunt when John shuts down Cara’s proposal to go topside for a party. It seems to be some sort of fight in which Cara and John fight using their powers. This means telekinetic blasts, teleporting to knock out and enemy, and telepathic taunting. Cara is one tough cookie and takes down John, earning everyone the right to go to the party she arranged for.

The party turned out to be an ambush with Stephen forced to watch. All their powers were dampened and three people died. Out of it all, Cara feels miserable about persuading everyone to go out and have fun. They broke their protocols and now people are hurt. Turned out that it wasn’t the fact that they had protocol, but that they had a traitor Kurt. Cara was a bit too intense, but her family was put in jeopardy.

The big moment of the episode seems to be that John is capable of killing. Though it seems he has to do it by traditional means a.k.a. shooting a few rounds into a man’s chest. Turns out John was part of some Annex project and he was one of the few lucky survivors.

What did you think of the episode?

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