Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – The Serpent

Alice and Will hide from their attackers

Alice and Will hide from their attackers

We begin with a flashback of Jafar as a child. He confronts a woman with terrible power, who’s feared by those around her, to learn what she knows. In this it is revealed that Jafar is the bastard son of the Sultan. Clearly the Sultan was no Eddard Stark and left his bastard to the streets, where he fostered an unrivaled hatred for the Sultan.

The flashbacks throughout the episode further expand on Jafar’s past. While he is driven by anger, it is clear that he wasn’t always the terrible man he is now. At one point, he had friends, he valued lives, but his obsession with magic corrupted him. It is a storylne that reminds me of Regina’s past. However, Regina is still a more nuanced character than Jafar is. This episode provided a start, a look into what makes Jafar tick. it’s unfortunate that they took so long to do this, but better late than never. Jafar is cold going so far as to steal the magic of the woman who loved him and taught him everything he knew.

The Knave convinces Alice that it’s in their best interest to pretend that they don’t know about the White Rabbit’s betrayal. It is a tactical advantage as they can possibly manipulate him into revealing Cyrus’s location. Shortly they are attacked and forced to run. We finally get to see the two characters split up with the Knave in the Red Queen’s dungeon. Alice joined forces with a warrior the Knave once knew.

Red Queen catches Will

Red Queen catches Will

Considering the past between the Knave and the Red Queen, it makes sense that she doesn’t want to see him die. Even if he is getting in the way of her plot and helping the wrong person, he was still once her love. The Red Queen isn’t able to let that go quite yet. When Jafar suggests that the Red Queen orders a public death of the Knave. Instead, Red Queen (let’s go by her real name too, Anastasia), arranges for Will (Oh yeah, that’s the Knave) to be escorted out of Wonderland by the White Rabbit. Will being full of pride and doubting her intentions, throws this claim in her face, resulting in her actually calling for the execution.

The execution was a sight with a catapult designed to catch the head and launch it toward the crowd. It is a setup that only pleases Jafar. It serves as a test for Alice to see just how far she will go to get what she wants. Alice does just that when she dresses up as the executioner in order to save Will from losing his head. By the end of the episode, Will is stone and Anastasia is putting on a strong face even though she worries for Will as much as Alice does.

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