About Libraries

I feel the need to take a moment and say how useful libraries have been. Over the years, I never would have consumed as many books as I do, if it were not for libraries. But the way I use libraries may not be how libraries were once designed. Regardless of how I use them, there are still many ways that libraries are useful.

Renting Books
As a small child, I used to go t a book club at the library every other week. When I got a bit older I stopped going to the library for books all together. I mean come on, only nerds went to the library in middle school. That’s not exactly true, but that as the mindset I had. That doesn’t mean I didn’t read in middle school and high school. Instead I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars buying books upon books. I have a massive bookshelf of all reading levels. It wasn’t until college, with a limited budget that I started to go to the library again. And what a library it was. Sure the library at University of Pittsburgh was great, but right across the street was a major hitter when it comes to libraries. The Carnegie library opened my eyes to the glory of libraries again.

With one visit to Carnegie Library, I made the decision that I would get a library card. I rented a new book every week. I explored their comics section. I had a never ending wealth of books in great condition out of one of the most beautiful buildings I’d ever seen. The selection is great and there was always something new for me to discover. It was heaven. When I moved from Pittsburgh, I was upset of the loss of the Carnegie library. It took me a year before I quelled by in flow of books by working on my collections backlog. The library I go to now, is far less glamorous than the Carnegie Library, but it gets the job done. Within two weeks of having the card, I’ve consumed enough comics to put anyone to shame.

Access to a library provides you the ability to a massive outlet of books. With a library, I can read book after book without interruption without the staggering costs of adding to my personal library. Even better, it is a non committal way to read a book. If you don’t like what you’ve picked up, simply return it.

What My High School Wanted Me to Think
High School forced me to enter the library. There were assignments that needed to be completed that often required a larger collection than the school library provided. In fact, I can hardly remember what my high school library looked like, but the public library is very clear. Assignments forced me to read tedious academic books. High school made me want to abandon libraries and ditch the rental of books because I associated it with negative experiences. I’ll admit I did have fun in my local library, goofing off rather than attending to the work I was supposed to be doing. If I hadn’t been brought into the library years later, I never would have lost that feeling. I wouldn’t be surprised if many people had these unintentionally adverse feelings because of their experiences as well.

What do you think of libraries? Do you use them frequently or never at all?

5 thoughts on “About Libraries

  1. I was the only kid in my middle school who was allowed to check more than 3 books out of the library at once. In high school, the library was a place to go before homeroom, and get the day’s crossword puzzle photocopied from the paper.

    I work in my college town’s public library now.

  2. The library in my town is going strong. When I was young the library was one of my favorite place to go. Just yesterday I remarked to my husband that I hadn’t been in awhile and needed to renew my membership. You’ve added a further reminder. Thanks.

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