Sleepy Hollow – The Midnight Ride

Captain Irving steals the head before the horseman can get it

Captain Irving steals the head before the horseman can get it

Aside from my frustration that Abbie was feeding the lies about the superiority of bottled water over tap water, we got started quickly. In fact the first scene of the episode was a depiction of Death charge after a group of riders back in Ichabod’s time. Each fell by his blade with a swift execution. Later we discover the riders were saw were part of Paul Revere’s midnight ride. Speaking of executions, the horseman in anger came after the Free Masons we just met last week. Four men dead, as the horseman searched for his prize, aka his head. That just can not happen.

The horseman has upgraded his heated sword and upgraded to machine guns and shot guns. Captain Irving, barely got out with the head alive, but the coroner didn’t. Captain Irving’s doubts about the truth of what was happening in his town are finally quelled. More importantly, we got to see Captain Irving doing more than complaining or keeping things hush hush. He’s proved himself as capable.

There were a lot of severed heads in this film. The horsemen put the heads of the men he killed to use, by hanging them as lanterns. Four heads as lanterns lined with silver to increase their luminosity definitely falls into the creepy category. While, Abbie and Ichabod, in possession of the horseman’s head, thanks to Captain Irving, attempted to destroy it. It isn’t much of a surprise that it is no ordinary head.

Morales, Abbie’s ex and fellow detective at Sleepy Hollow PD, reaches out to Abbie. He isn’t a fool and realizes something is up with her. He also seems to want to get back with her. If it wasn’t for the crazy whammy Andy did on Morales, maybe they would have made that coffee date.

Of course, Ichabod is fascinated by the massive amount of supplies Abbie was able to supply. His musings over what how quickly the battle at Lexington could have been won had they had such resources seemed to fit perfectly. The moment of agitation when he corrects what the history guide’s claims about Paul Revere’s proper route, the British being called regulars, and printing a pciture five times because it kept disappearing from the screen are all reasons to why Tom Mison was perfect for the role of Ichabod. It is a delicate balance he succeeds at time and time again. Mison is wonderful at depict the whimsy juxtaposed with a keen intellect very well. His frustration learning that the brothers, the free masons, he just reunited with were now dead.

Ichabod examines the horseman's head for clues

Ichabod examines the horseman’s head for clues

John Cho does creepy well. After his stint on the show, I would be interested in seeing John Cho taking more roles of the like. The effects the use on John Cho’s Andy are wonderful. They are just odd enough to be unsettling, but not too intricate to break the illusion of reality. I love when graphics can be done well. While it does make sense that Andy would want to help Abbie because they were once friends and he’s tired of his continued existence, I want to know why. There had to have been some sort of catalyst and I want to know what it is.

A few other notes about the episode. I loved the bonding moments between Abbie and Ichabod. Her helping him with the internet, and they way she laughed at him slurping his drink. Their sharing that they both feel alone was sad, but I wished they realized they had each other. Though, the show still needs room for the pairing to grow. I understand and enjoy Ichabod’s attachment to his wife, but as a character I can do without her most of the time. I also enjoyed Ichabod’s jostling of reality when he realized Jefferson wasn’t the honorable man he once thought he was. Also that was a tremendous cliffhanger.

What did you think of the episode?

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