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Fitz and Ward on their mission

Fitz and Ward on their mission

It is great to see Fitz getting more to do, even if that means he is sent on a very risky mission with Ward. Watching him putz around was amusing. Almost immediately after landing, the pair is captured. Ward jumps to ideas of getting free that involve some sort of danger or bodily harm to them. After some humorous moments with Fitz getting through to the Russians. When things got tough and he needed to defend himself, he uses his wit and handles business. He even knocked a man out on his own. He is an enigmatic and entertaining person. Of the FitzSimmons pairing, Fitz has definitely proven to be the more interesting of the two.

Skye doesn’t take lightly to sending Fitz into danger. After the great show of camraderie last episode between Fitz and Simmons, I expected Simmons to be more eager to help Fitz and make sure she was okay. Sure, she went along with the plan to figure out what was going on. After a close call, they actually get to the information they wanted, but they didn’t like it. Then again, who would want to find out that their friends were sent into a suicide mission.

I loved when Coulson barged in on May’s tai chi session and talked himself out of his frustration. His banter as though May was actually responding was funny. Even better was May’s roll of the eyes as Coulson walked away seemingly satisfied with the trajectory of the conversation.

Agent Phil Coulson

Agent Phil Coulson

Coulson’s frustration with being kept from important information that impacts the welfare of his team felt genuine. In fact, he was outraged by learning that he was out right lied to. The remainder of the team moves out to provide Coulson and Ward the extraction they deserve. We are starting to see the ways that SHIELD treats its agents. The mission is primary and the safety of their operatives is secondary.

We also got a nice reveal of what was going on with the Skye’s parents. Coulson tells her that a SHIELD agent dropped Skye off at the orphanage. Skye’s able to determine that it was a female who could possibly be her mother that dropped her off. Despite, Coulson promising he will let Skye know if he finds out anything more, we quickly realize that isn’t the truth. A moment after his conversation with Skye, he speaks with May revealing somethings should be kept a secret. He knows more about Skye’s parents, but wants to know more.

Skye’s secret isn’t the only one floating about. Apparently, Coulson’s clearance isn’t enough to look into the file on his death. I’m glad we seem to be getting more clues as to what is going on with Coulson, but soon we’ll need some true time devoted to this.

The most refreshing thing about this episode was the change up of the usual pairings. Instead of Skye & Ward and Fitz & Simmons, we had Skye & Simmons and Fitz & Ward. The different dynamic gave the episode a different feel, which is reassuring. The worst thing that can happen to a show is getting trapped in a never changing formula.

What did you think of the episode?

8 thoughts on “Agents of SHIELD – The Hub

  1. I definitely like the switch up in teams. Fitz got to show he can be a man of action… Jemma didn’t fare quite as well, but that was all hilarious. “I like men that are my height but weigh more than me.” lmao! And I loved that he didn’t tell her about the sandwich.So sweet.

  2. After the all the Fitzsimmons moments, the biggest thing that stood out to me was Skye’s “[Coulson’s] acting like a robot version of himself right now!” comment.

      • I have the same theory. But now that they’ve been teasing that possibility so much, I’m starting to worry that they WANT us to think that and they have something else up their sleeves… Conspiracy. 🙂
        I wonder when/if they’ll address that theory in the show?

      • As the episodes progress, I’m getting the feeling that they are leading up to revealing what is actually going on with him. My guess is it will be revealed near the end of the season.

        As far as the LMD theory being the route, they go I think it is likely. It is something that is solid within the Marvel universe. But to most people watching the show, they likely don’t know about LMDs. It opens up a possible big mess, which could be interesting, if they go that route.

        We’ll just have to wait and see.

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