The Originals – Bloodletting

Klaus and Elijah

Klaus and Elijah

Warning: My showing of The Originals suffered from four minutes of blackout. It seems like I missed on some angry Tyler shouting and who knows what else.

I never would have thought that Tyler of all people would turn up on The Originals. I was even more surprised to see him be painted as the antagonist. He was the one who kidnapped Hayley last week. He seems to be taking out his anger on Hayley’s situation. It wasn’t her choice to get pregnant with Klaus’s child. Now Tyler is playing angry man as he tries to shame Hayley for what he’s done. True, Tyler had a point about Klaus making hybrids all sired to him is not a good thing. Although at this point I’m not sure who is more dangerous running New Orleans, Marcel or Klaus. Though an army of hybrids can be disastrous.

While Tyler was acting like an evil maniacal fool, Hayley was actually using her head. She was able to run and escape his grasp and thankfully Elijah was there to take care of her. It was nice to actually see Hayley acting with some sense and for her own well being. It is frustrating when she is always the damsel in distress. While that didn’t change, she did make strides forward by breaking free.

Klaus is both brutal and fascinating. Maybe it was the inclusion of Tyler that brought him back to his vicious roots. His indignation that Elijah could think he was using Hayley just to one day create more hybrids felt genuine. He was stunned by the revelation and offended by it. He was so angry that he bit his brother, committing Elijah to a horrible death. If you’ve never seen how aa vampire suffering from a vampire dies, go check out The Vampire Diaries; it isn’t pretty.

I didn’t expect to see Josh get fleshed out at all, much less well. We learned that he is gay and really enjoyed going out to clubs. We’ve known for a while that he wants to get a daylight ring, but it was nice to see him bond with Davina. They shared their hopes and their dreams and you get a sense of the innocence this world of the supernatural still possesses. Once Josh is cleared from Klaus’s control Davina was supposed to wipe her from his memory. Instead, they agree to a pinky swear so they can keep talking. I guess being a young supernatural is lonely.

I know that the show was designed so someone who was watching can understand what is going on. For those who know what is going on it is irritating. Maybe if it was done a bit more effectively, we wouldn’t be subjected to verbal info dumps from both Klaus and Tyler. Minor irritation, but its something the show could work on.

What did you think of the episode?

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