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Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Heroes for Hire? Yes please!

Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Heroes for Hire? Yes please!

Fifteen years ago, we had a few Marvel characters in the media, but I doubt people were even sure that’s what they were seeing. I don’t know many people who actually know that Blade is in fact a Marvel character. Today, we have a whole catalog of Marvel that is available for public consumption and it is only expanding. This year, Agents of SHIELD premiered and seems to be holding strong. It’s success has charged forward to allow more Marvel characters to make their way to the silver screen. Last week a deal was formed between Marvel and Netflix for four new series and a mini series. With a commitment of 13 episodes for each of the shows, the public will be able to see Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones brought to life.

What it means for fans
For any diehard Marvel fan it’s exciting to see the characters that likely would not get their own movies brought to light. With a world as large as Marvel’s there are hundreds of characters for them to mine from. The movies can only depict but so many characters before they become bloated. Thus, Marvel is turning to TV in order to expand. It is a viable option that can shed light on lesser known characters.

Personally, I am really excited to see the Luke Cage and Iron Fist shows. They are both interesting characters and have played decent roles within the universe. By these characters having shows, we’ll be granted the ability to spend more time with them and grow a stronger relationship. Instead of a two hour movie, I get to see at least ten hours of Luke Cage. Previously, I’ve said how I’d love to see a Luke Cage movie, but this is even better.

What it means for most people
Most people are not in love with Marvel and know much aout the characters. By releasing these shows, they can have a lesser risk way to get the Marvel brand out there even more. People will be shocked to see the major variations within the Marvel universe. An awareness of the various characters will obviously act as a nnew stream of profit, butalso allows for the compliation of new teams in a fashion similar to what the movies have done. The mini series will be an example of this as it is planned to be a Defenders mini series comprised of the characters throughout the Marvel universe.

How the Netflix model will benefit
Netflix has really blazed forward with the binge watching. Rather than go through the weekly wait, viewers will be able to consume at once. personally, it is my favorite way to watch television. There is an instant gratification and it doesn’t suffer from possibly losing hype. People can make their decision all at once. If season 2 of the Walking Dead had been released with Netflix’s all at once model, many people wouldn’t have complained about a seemingly slow pace that occurred from watching week to week. Another benefit is the major reach and prominent billing this show will get in the public. People will know about it simply if they have Netflix whether they choose to watch or not. More eyes is always good for publicity.

What do you think of the increase of Marvel shows? What character do you hope to one day see on screen?

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