American Horror Story: Coven – The Axeman Cometh

Zoe, Queenie, and Nan hear the Axeman

Zoe, Queenie, and Nan hear the Axeman

This was another strong open for American Horror story. 1919. The sufferagette girls of the young witches school were not going to roll over and play the Axeman’s game. Sure, the banter in the scene when they discuss what they should do was a bit painful to listen to, their conclusion was great. They drew the axeman to them by denying his demand of playing jazz and played classical instead. Together the girls of the school disposed of the Axeman and no one else had to suffer.

A little tryst with a Ouiji board brought the Zoe, Nan, and Queenie in contact with the Axeman.

Last week’s chainsaw toting must have changed her. She’s now obsessed with finding out where Madison is. She convinces the girls to be stronger and do this. Frustrated with the others and willing to do things on her own, she eventually discovers Madison’s body stowed away in Spaulding’s toy chest. Though Zoe should have been spending more time finding the violent zombie she released into the world an then lost. Yeah, some of you may remember Kyle, but Zoe clearly doesn’t.

In fact, when she does finally find Kyle, it wasn’t intentional. No, she was looking for Misty to bring back Madison. Even as Kyle is experiencing torment and tries to seek solace from Zoe, the only person he trusts, she practically ignores him. He isn’t just a toy. She wanted him and now isn’t caring for him. If he went rogue on Zoe and killed her, I don’t know that I’d feel bad for her.

My theory of Madison’s resurrection proved solid tonight as Misty brought her back to life. And of all things Madison asks for, it’s a cigarette.

Cordelia interviews a prospective student

Cordelia interviews a prospective student

Cordelia, post blinding, is a much stronger character as well. Finally back at home, she isn’t the one taking orders, but giving them. She gives the orders to Fiona that the roses are wrong as they bring in love. Instead, she requests chrysanthemums for strength. Another touch from her husband and she orders him to leave. Listening to her describe how she wanted to rip his arms off and make him pay for every awful thing he’s done was fascinating. Her new gift of sight has given her a new sense of confidence and self.

There had to be a reason why Marie Laveaux was remaining so calm about everything going on with the Salem descendants. Turns out Cordelia’s joy of a husband is actually a witch hunter working for Marie. He is directly a reason why so few of the Salem descendant witches are making it to the school, much less living. Which leads me to believe the girl he mercilessly killed a couple of episodes ago was actually a witch.

What did you think of the episode?

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