Arrow – Keep Your Enemies Closer

Diggle and Lilah escape Gulag

Diggle and Lilah escape Gulag

This week was Diggle’s week and boy was it a fun ride. Diggle’s ex-wife Lilah is captured when breaking into the Gulag. Why she was trying to get into the Gulag isn’t clear early on, but that doesn’t matter Diggle’s going to get her out. (She was looking for a lead on Deadshot and Diggle later realized she found him). They devise a plot in Moscow, to get Diggle sent to Gulag, where he can find and break out Lilah. It was great to see Diggle acting on his own and not playing second fiddle.

It was even better to see just how capable Diggle is. It is easy to forget that Diggle is trained Special Ops because he spends more time trailing people than anything else. Apparently being black in a Russian prison is bad. I probably could have told Diggle that, but he found out the hard way and broke the leg of his attacker. Luckily that landed him in the Gulag’s equivalent of of solitary where he is spacemates with Deadshot himself. The only way to save Lilah turned out to be working with Deadshot. Out of all this, we learned that Deadshot was hired by The Hive to kill Diggn’es brother.

As for Oliver, he played the good friend, by immediately offering up his jet to get them to Moscow. We all know how much Oliver values Diggle, nit we don’t get to see prove of this often. Despite Diggle not actually asking for help, Oliver offers it willingly. If Diggle is going to do something risky and fight this battle, Oliver was going to be by his side.

The one major hitch in this whole plan was rather delightful as Isabel Rochev realized that Oliver was using the jet to go to Moscow. Being the quick packer that she is, she’s ready to tag along for what Oliver claims is a meeting with their Russian subsidiaries. While, Isabel, thinks his actions are for playboy means, her monitoring still acts as a hitch in his plans. Oliver decides to deal with it by sleeping with Isabel as a distraction.

Felicity and Oliver

Felicity and Oliver

This lead to two great moments, one in realizing that Isabel was a lonely person growing up, but has learned to cope and it likely led to her cold facade. Felicity’s reaction to realizing what Oliver had done was also amusing. She seemed both shocked and disappointed. There are clearly some extra feelings coming from Felicity’s side of their relationship. It was almost painful to watch Felicity tell Oliver he deserved better. There’s a hint that Oliver is capable of loving her in return, but being the Hood is stopping him. I’m looking forward to seeing this relationship progress.

We got to see more of Sara Lance through the flashbacks. While it seemed like Sara had turned bad, she hadn’t. Well, she had and was willing to betray Oliver. While it may have been out of self-preservation it was still cold. Dr Ibo seems to have full control over Sara.

What did you think of the episode?

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